The Hunt – Part of a Trilogy. It’s about a man on a quest for vengeance set in a partial steampunk world. It is a dark fantasy so be prepared for heartache and a main character who is a little rough around the edges.

The Lost Series –  This is a long running project. At least 13 books. It’s also a lighter story than the others we’ve worked on or have published. It will frequently move from fantasy to science fiction. It is an adult read due to language used.

Journals of the DeadThis series, which may be changing names in the future, is a dystopian novel set on earth, where, as you guessed it, the world is not as we remember it. However, this does have science fiction and fantasy twist.

The Islandsa dystopian fantasy world where the world has been broken into islands. Evil reigns here and the good are few. The Gods, Themselves, have abandoned the world.

And a few other randoms…