Weekly Writing Update

On book 1 of the Ordinary series we’re only 19k and have made no progress on book 2 in the Magna Luctus series as sickness has descended upon the house. It is pretty darn difficult to think and write while your head is pounding and every few minutes you’re either coughing or blowing your nose!

Hopefully within a few days, we’ll be better and back to it.

Have a great week everyone!


Hartland Series Update

We’ve been real quiet on all our social media websites lately. We apologize for it, but the simple truth is we’re struggling with writing. There have been far too many days where we haven’t written a single word. A part of that is because of the struggle it’s been in finishing Book 5 in the Hartland series. It’s kind of funny to think about. Books 1-4 came oh so easily. Book 5? Nope. Not in the slightest.

Part of the struggle is trying to combine all the pieces and make sense of all the story lines in the books. A lot happened in books 1-4. I have many plans for book 5. We’re over 50k in words, so not too bad of progress, but it’s taken quite a while to get there. Also, things just kind of keep happening to the characters I didn’t plan on. He He. With that said, I have to rework some of the plot because of what happened and probably come up with a new ending. What happened was just too good to remove. Other writers will know what I’m talking about. Characters truly have a mind of their own!

My aim is to finish the first draft by the end of September! Here’s to hoping I can do that and not get snagged on plot holes and plot developments. Characters need to do what they’re supposed to do! Silly people.

Meeting Writing Goals

As a writer, I set goals everyday to write depending on the busy schedule I have. Some days it could be one page, other days it could be ten. However, with that being said, I refuse to punish myself for not reaching a goal. For one, writing can be difficult. It could take a while to work yourself out of a corner you wrote yourself in and you want to keep the scene you just wrote because, well, it’s awesome. Secondly, things throughout the day come up and sometimes you just don’t have time to reach the set goal. Of course, I try to make up the loss throughout the week. Sometimes I overachieve. Sometimes I underachieve. However, what’s more important to me than reaching those goals, is the quality of work that I put into it and the fact that I wrote something that day, whether it was a sentence or thirty pages.

Whereas it is important to set goals and try to reach them, it is more important to me that you tried to reach them, despite everything that is going on that day, or if you’re just simply stuck and need a few days to sort out what needs to happen next in the story. After all, you can’t have a Jurassic Park ending all the time, where the T-Rex comes and saves the day. For us, writing something that could actually happen is more important than just getting past the point where you’re stuck with anything. There’s been a few times, we’ve caught ourselves doing this because of that said goal. It has taken us awhile to realize that while, yes, goals are important, the quality of writing is more important. At the end of the day, we want to be happy with what we did. If we should reach our goal and be unhappy with what we wrote and have to redo it than what was the point?

Writing with Distractions

So, a little over three months ago, my husband and I welcomed my sister and our two nieces into our home for a number of reasons. Over these last three months, it has been interesting trying to write. You see, we don’t have children of our own. It’s not that we don’t want children, it’s just that we haven’t been able to have children. With our two nieces, we have discovered that writing while they are playing is nearly impossible, because we aren’t the type of people who will tell them no when they ask us to play. So, long story short, we get very little written during the day now, but now, we try to write a whole bunch at night after they’ve gone to bed, which sometimes, makesĀ us pretty tired because we’ll stay up really late, despite having to go to work early just because we’re in a part we don’t want to set down.

When I do manage to write when they are playing, I know it takes me twice as long to write even a sentence, or sometimes I find myself typing out what they were just talking about. When I realize that I did that, I can’t help but laugh and smile at the two girls. It’s amazing. When they first moved in, I thought I would be highly irritated not being able to write when I wanted to write, but I learned how to adapt and write with the distractions.