Weekly Writing Update

Been busy writing all week! We’re going to try to make an update post every Sunday. No promises. We usually get busy and forget about our blog. Oops! At least when we’re being busy, it’s because we’re writing. Or reading. Usually writing. Sometimes goofing off. Just living life.

On the new WIP, the tentative name for it is The Ordinaries, we’re already over 12k. On book 2 in the Magna Luctus series we’re at 30k. In a few more days, we’ll be starting to edit the final book in Hartland 5: New Beginnings. Looking forward to it, but at the same time, not.

So many new things going on right now. So many things we’ll be able to share in a few months. Well back to writing while it’s flowing.


Just DO IT!!!!

Generally, when writing a story an author knows where the story is going. Generally…  We typically know how the story is going to start and how it’s going to end. It’s filling in the middle part that’s the real fun area of writing. But what happens when you have no idea where the story is going and you just keeping writing? Sometimes we get stuck. Other times we keep writing to see where the story takes us. When we do this, the ending we had in mind often changes as well.

This isn’t a bad way of writing. In fact, this is the way we usually write. We sometimes have a specific ending that needs to happen, like in Full Moon Rising, our first published novel. Otherwise, most things are up in the air and the story forms as we go. Unfortunately, when we edit, sometimes we find huge gaping plot holes!

But as I said, that’s the fun part of writing. We never really know where the story is going to take us. What started as an awesome idea can change, evolve and become something even greater than we thought possible.  So, just remember that there is no real way to write. Whatever is comfortable for the author is the way you should be writing. If having a set schedule works for you, DO IT. If having a routine, drinking a cup of coffee or whatever, having snacks, doing a little dance, DO IT! As a writer, you’re the only one who knows what works best for you. We’re not saying not to try to experiment with something different. Who knows that might work even better for you. What we’re saying is you know yourself better than any one person out there.

If you need an outline for the story, DO IT. However, we have read plenty of novels where writers write to an outline and the writing does turn to a sort of formula, and as a reader it tends to become boring. Whatever you need, just DO IT. No excuses. Get out there and write these amazing ideas you’ve had. No one else will do it for you.

Yet Another Writing Update

While Hartland Book 5: New Beginnings is taking a rest before we go into deep edits, we’ve been working on a new book! It’s so awesome starting on something new. We’re already 5000 words into it. As of yet, I don’t want to give too many details, or any at all, about what the story is about. It’s too new of an idea still.
Since we struggled with the final book in the Hartland series so much, I was afraid other writing might be difficult now, too. A lot has happened in the last year for us. We’re also not very motivated some days because of where we live. We’re not happy here in Savannah and are looking forward to leaving in less than a year. Trust me when I say that we say “Less than a year” multiple times a day.
With that being said though, it is nice to find that having fun while writing is possible again. Also, not really looking forward to editing Book 5. I’m hoping it’ll be easier to edit than it was to write. I’m also hoping that there aren’t any gaping plot holes! But back to writing. Those 5000 words have been hammered out in the last two and a half days. I’m aiming for way more today!
Also book 2 of The Magnus Luctus series is coming along. I know book 1 isn’t out, but we wanted to finish the entire series before releasing this one. We have found that having the series completed helps. That way if you have to change something in any of the books you can and don’t have to worry about what’s already printed.
Off to write more amazing scenes!

Road Trips = Great Ideas

Every time my husband and I take a road trip, story ideas start pouring from us. I think it’s because we’re forced to take a break from social media and video games. We’re forced to sit in the car as we drive toward our destination looking at scenery. This is where a lot of our ideas come from. This is where we fine tune some of our future projects. Most of the time, we don’t write them down either until we stop. If it’s something super important we’ll text the other person little reminders so we can write them down when we stop.

The magic doesn’t really start happening until about an hour into the trip though. It’s about the time we get tired of listening to music and turn it off for a bit. I love road trips for this reason and many more. Road trips help take the mind off of everything. You’re going somewhere new or different and it’s exciting. It’s almost the same feeling as when we create a new world with new characters. Excitement. Thrill. Eagerness.

So after the first hour that’s when we start talking about our stories or we’ll see something that reminds us of something we’re working on. Most of our road trips are spent talking to one another, coming up with ideas, talking about our current projects and why we might be stuck on them. It’s sad we cannot take more road trips, but the job that pays the bills gets in the way. Silly job don’t you know we have important things to write? Why must you take up so much time?

For us, whenever we talk about a road trip we know we’re going to come away with some kind of fantastic idea or new story creation. So, I say, bring on the road trips.

Updating our Blog

With the penn name change my husband and I decided to go through, I realized we only half updated our blog! Ooops. Lol. Well, it’s all updated now with the newly edited chapters for the Trilogy of the Wolf (Full Moon Rising, The Curse, Prophecy’s End), as well as corrected links to the books. As Hartland goes through another edit before being released again, we’ll be updating this as well. Baby steps, eh? It seems to be taking forever to go through them, but it hasn’t even been a year yet. That’s pretty good since we uprooted ourselves a few months ago and have had to adjust to several new things. It turns out I’m not as receptive to change as I once was. Who knew?

Anyway, as I was going through some of our old posts, I realized our writing perspective has changed/evolved. Call it what you will. It also seems to change from month to month. Good thing, it’s only an opinion, right? There are many, many ways to write and achieve your goals. This website is just our way of doing things and they change as does life. It was refreshing going back through and reading some of our older posts and realizing how we’ve changed as writers. The only thing that has never changed is we’ve never given up. I doubt that will ever change though certainly we do think about it sometimes, usually when we’re experiencing writer’s block.

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming weekend. I know we will. We have lots of writing planned and maybe a trip to the beach. We’ll see. Failing the beach, we’ll at the very least go out to a movie. Enjoy!!!!!

Feeling Overwhelmed While Writing

This feeling doesn’t happen to us often, but when it does it happens in a big way, sometimes stalling our writing process altogether. We wonder what could happen, what will happen. The what if’s are endless during these moments. It’s also during these moments we sometimes doubt our writing, a fairly common trait for writers. We often wonder if we’re good enough. Will people like our work? What will happen if someone doesn’t? How are we going to get our books reviewed? When will we finish said book?

All these questions float through our thoughts, and at times, sadly, makes us hesitate in writing. But somewhere within ourselves, we always find the courage to move forward, to keep going. Writers are unique in this way. A career in writing is difficult, yet, most of us continue to try and try. If something isn’t successful, we move onto something different. We try new things. We even try new writing styles which improve our writing technique even if what we were working on didn’t work out. Writing is a profession where we’re constantly improving. We find ways of doing things better.

All this can be quite overwhelming. We can feel as if the world is against us, if you will. Sometimes it feels like no matter what we do, what we write, we’re just not doing enough. Even if you have people gushing about your books, you know you can do better. The biggest struggle and obstacle in the way of a writer is the writer. It takes a long time to learn to overcome these fears and continue forward. Each day and each time it happens, it gets a little bit easier.

There is one thing for certain, if you don’t love to write, this profession isn’t for you. As a writer we pour ourselves into this work. We live for it. We breathe it. (Even if we’re never successful or as successful as we want to be.) We’ll keep on writing. It’s what writers do, even if they don’t write every day.