Book Review: The Edge of Madness 15 Complete Novels and Novellas

1. Captive by Samantha Jacobey

This was an interesting read to say the least. And it isn’t for anyone who is squeamish and doesn’t like sex scenes. This book was beautifully written, even despite the material that was being written about. It’s about a young girl, who we don’t really know the age of. The FBI says she’s only 14 or 15, and she claims to be 24. Tori, the main character, is a woman/girl who has gone through hell basically living with a gang of men called the Dragons who take contract work from the Organization and others. They are killers and rapists. Tori’s story is heartbreaking but she is a woman who refuses to give up. It was a good read.

2. Blood is Power by Elle Medler

DNF. The reason being is that it’s the second book in the series. I didn’t realize it until a few chapters in. I might come back to the book after the first one is read.

As a side note, if you’re going to have a book in a compilation of books, please put the first book in, not the second. I’m a bit annoyed by this…

3. North by Northeast by Cherime MacFarlane

DNF. Book 3 of the series.

4. A Crystal Snowflake by Holly Barbo

This was a quick read, certainly and one that I didn’t find all that interesting. At least, it was a standalone, so I was able to finish it.

5. Dirty Business by Julie Elizabeth Powel

DNF – I couldn’t get into the story. I read the first couple of chapters and it just wasn’t doing it for me.

6. Duplicitous by Stephanie Nett

This was an okay novella. The ending was strange and felt unfinished.

7. Tropical Nightmares by Kelly Cozzone

DNF – It is book 2 of a series.

8. Blood Crow by Cleve Sylcox

DNF – Made it halfway through chapter 2 before giving up. I just wasn’t interested in the story.

9. My Daylight Monsters by Sarah Dalton

DNF- I read through chapter 2 as well on this one before giving up. If I can’t get at least part way interested in the story, I end up asking myself, what’s the point in reading it if you’re not enjoying it.

10. Split by Michele E. Gwynn



I didn’t bother reading the last ones in here. I was done with the genre and the type of story in this set. (This set is seemingly no longer available on Amazon, too. Just as a heads up.)

I learned something about myself trying to read these books. Either I’m not a horror/thriller fan or these books just didn’t do it for me, in the exception of the few I did manage to read. The first story was great. It’s probably why it was the first one. I’m not willing to give up on the genre but these stories were only okay.





Book Review: Accidental Leigh

Accidental Leigh: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Book 1) by [James, Melanie]

2 out of 5 (that’s being highly generous)

Not at all impressed. You couldn’t really relate with the characters and they were on the annoying side. This story had so much potential but fell short. Also, I don’t really understand the comedy aspect of the novel… There were some parts that could have been funny but simply failed to deliver.

Book Review: Bloodthorn

Bloodthorn: Olive Kennedy (Fairy World MD Book 3) by [Grantham, Tamara]

5 out of 5!

So I have been reading this series like nonstop and this one only took 1 morning to read for me! In fact, it was this morning that I read it. I haven’t read through books this fast in years. That is how good these books are for me. The story, the characters, the romance, everything about this book speaks volumes to me. And I cannot wait to download the other books and read through them.

I highly recommend reading the first book Dreamthief.

Book Review: Rest for the Wicked: The Clair Wiche Chronicles Book 1

Rest For The Wicked - The Claire Wiche Chronicles Book 1 by [Dean, Cate]

4 out of 5 stars

This was a pleasant and quick read. It is paranormal romance. Apparently, despite a few other books I’ve read and haven’t enjoyed, am coming around to the genre. It was about a woman named Claire Wiche who has a deep secret she has kept from those close to her, namely Annie. There is magic involved. And, Claire Wiche, is not a witch. I don’t want to say more than that. It would give away a pretty important piece of the book and I’m not into revealing spoilers.

All you need to know is that the story was a good story, kind of dorky in places, but good nonetheless. The characters in the story were unique, meaning they weren’t the same character with different names. I have read too many novels like that, and in my earlier WIPS have written like this, too. It’s annoying, but not something you have to worry about in this short novel. With that being said, the first book is appropriately priced. The others I feel are a bit pricey for the short read that they are. Be prepared to want to buy the others though as this book does end with a cliffhanger.

Book Review: To Catch a Bad Guy

To Catch a Bad Guy (Janet Maple Series Book 1) by [Astor, Marie]

2 out of 5 stars

Oh my gosh, where to begin? There was so much about this book that I didn’t care for. Too much character background that bogged down the story, not enough of a plot line to even be considered a story, and a whole bunch of boring.

Janet Maple, the main character in this books, seems like all she can do is whine. It was so irritating to keep reading. I’m not even certain why I continued to do so. Dennis Walker, a guy trying to uncover fraud, isn’t any better. He knows he’s good looking and can get girls and blah, blah, blah… Tom Wyman, the lawyer, Bostoff’s securities hires to cover their tracks, also knows this. To me Tom and Dennis are basically the same guy, only one is trying to catch bad buys and the other is a bad guy. That was the only difference in character.  Lisa Foley, supposedly Janet’s friend, is a self-centered, money grubbing lady. Jon Bostoff, is also greedy and decided to go into questionable business just so he can up his social standing. Oh and everyone seems to be on a diet and trim or fit. I felt as if the characters were really one dimensional.



Book Review: Fall of Sky City

Fall of Sky City (A New Adult Fantasy Adventure Novel) (Devices of War Book 1) by [Blooding, SM]

4 out of 5

Oh my! Where do I begin? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and honestly can’t wait to go onto book 2. This is a steampunk genre. The first book I have ever read in this genre. The only reason, I didn’t give it 5 stars was because of the repeated errors found throughout the book. Otherwise, it would have a solid 5 stars.

The plot is fast paced and easy to read, minus the errors which kind of throw you out of the story for a moment. I would recommend the author to have another look through and fix these. There is one where she called one of the characters whose name is Varik by Virak.

The book is written in 1st person and you, as the reader, get to delve into Synn’s mind, what he’s feeling and what he’s thinking. The author did a fantastic job with this. She did a fantastic job with all the characters. I have read books where some of the characters are so similar to each other, you grow bored.

After his Family the El’Asim are reunited with the Ino Family. These two families are joined together by marriage. Almost from the moment, Synn steps foot on a letharan from his air ship, the story line thickens. The Hands have struck. He and his father board their ship to try to draw away the Hands, who are more technologically advanced than the Families.

Synn is soon forced into being a prisoner to one of the 4 Queens of the Hands.The Hands and the Families are at war and have been for quite a while. The Hands have been systematically wiping out the Families. And, the Families hide from the Hands, but it’s getting worse and worse for them.

While Synn is a prisoner to Queen Nix, it is not pretty what happens to him here. She eventually compulses him, meaning she has control over him. And when he does escape, he is compelled to go back to her, but manages to fight it. Now, with the help of the Families, mostly his mother, he brings the fight to them.

There is so much more involved in the book. I don’t want to go into too much detail and ruin the wonderful world for you. Read the book and enjoy the story. You won’t be disappointed.


Great Read: Full Moon Rising

Need a great read? Tired of “normal” paranormal? Or romance paranormal? Try a book with werewolves, elves, ordinary people, and of course, prophecy. Check out two reviews for Full Moon Rising.

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Enjoy and be drawn from reality into a different world for a few hours. Reading is the best feeling in the world and one that is being less and less experienced.