Imagination. It’s the Best

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As a writer or a reader, imagination is where it ALL happens.


Book Review: On Unfaithful Wings

On Unfaithful Wings (Icarus Fell #1) (An Icarus Fell Novel) by [Blake, Bruce]

4 out of 5

This was an interesting read to say the least. The story was a bit darker than I was expecting but it wasn’t what I was expecting in the first place. That, I cannot express enough, is a good thing. I love when a book can surprise me and that’s what this one did.

The main character, Icarus Fell, is a man with many, many flaws. While you’re disgusted at some of his habits and the way he has led his life, you can feel a bit sorry for him at the same time. When he is murdered, he is given the chance at a second life by becoming a soul harvester. It’s more difficult than he thought it would be as someone is working against him, trying to make certain he fails. And then, there are souls he’s supposed to harvest of people who he thought were his friends and one in particular from his past that he doesn’t want to harvest to send to Heaven. During all of this, he discovers he isn’t alone on this unexpected journey. He has the help of his guardian angel, Poe, and a few of the archangels.

The people in Icarus’s life are all different from one another, which is refreshing, and for some authors is difficult to maintain but Bruce Blake achieved this, seemingly easily. I love the dimensions of the characters. The world that was created here was rich and enjoyable, if not a bit dark, as mentioned before. It had the feeling of real life to it. Not that’s a bad thing.

I would recommend this book to anyone needing an action-packed book. It delivers.

Book Review: The Edge of Madness 15 Complete Novels and Novellas

1. Captive by Samantha Jacobey

This was an interesting read to say the least. And it isn’t for anyone who is squeamish and doesn’t like sex scenes. This book was beautifully written, even despite the material that was being written about. It’s about a young girl, who we don’t really know the age of. The FBI says she’s only 14 or 15, and she claims to be 24. Tori, the main character, is a woman/girl who has gone through hell basically living with a gang of men called the Dragons who take contract work from the Organization and others. They are killers and rapists. Tori’s story is heartbreaking but she is a woman who refuses to give up. It was a good read.

2. Blood is Power by Elle Medler

DNF. The reason being is that it’s the second book in the series. I didn’t realize it until a few chapters in. I might come back to the book after the first one is read.

As a side note, if you’re going to have a book in a compilation of books, please put the first book in, not the second. I’m a bit annoyed by this…

3. North by Northeast by Cherime MacFarlane

DNF. Book 3 of the series.

4. A Crystal Snowflake by Holly Barbo

This was a quick read, certainly and one that I didn’t find all that interesting. At least, it was a standalone, so I was able to finish it.

5. Dirty Business by Julie Elizabeth Powel

DNF – I couldn’t get into the story. I read the first couple of chapters and it just wasn’t doing it for me.

6. Duplicitous by Stephanie Nett

This was an okay novella. The ending was strange and felt unfinished.

7. Tropical Nightmares by Kelly Cozzone

DNF – It is book 2 of a series.

8. Blood Crow by Cleve Sylcox

DNF – Made it halfway through chapter 2 before giving up. I just wasn’t interested in the story.

9. My Daylight Monsters by Sarah Dalton

DNF- I read through chapter 2 as well on this one before giving up. If I can’t get at least part way interested in the story, I end up asking myself, what’s the point in reading it if you’re not enjoying it.

10. Split by Michele E. Gwynn



I didn’t bother reading the last ones in here. I was done with the genre and the type of story in this set. (This set is seemingly no longer available on Amazon, too. Just as a heads up.)

I learned something about myself trying to read these books. Either I’m not a horror/thriller fan or these books just didn’t do it for me, in the exception of the few I did manage to read. The first story was great. It’s probably why it was the first one. I’m not willing to give up on the genre but these stories were only okay.




Book Review: Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter

Echo Volume 1:  Approaching Shatter by [Wayne, Kent]

4 out of 5 stars

Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter by Kent Wayne

There was nothing abhorrently wrong with the novel. No glaring errors that keep popping up throughout the story. The writing was quite descriptive, in some cases a little too descriptive. There were parts that I didn’t like, probably the entire first chapter. I almost gave up here but I am glad I didn’t. I feel that the first chapter was to demonstrate the mentality of the soldiers and the environment they have to endure. Kind of a key point later on.

I kept moving forward with the story, curious as to where it was going. My biggest problem with the novel was getting bogged down by descriptions of technology. The backstory of people and the world didn’t bother me as it was laying down a foundation for the story to continue. Maybe the descriptions of the technology come into better play in volume 2.

With that being said, I did find the story a good and interesting read. Atriya, the protagonist, lures you in. You can see he’s struggling with the way things are and the fact that he used not to. That something inside of him has changed. It keeps you reading, wondering what’s going to happen to him.

Like most books in a series, it does end in a cliffhanger. Probably, not such a sudden cliffhanger as this one does. However, if you read the passage after the ending of the book, Kent Wayne does explain why he does this. It’s also not a bad thing that it ends this way. It makes the reader want to continue the story, to find out what happens to Atriya. To see if he eventually figures himself out. To see how he survives what’s coming. Isn’t that the goal of authors? To get people to want to read? Kent Wayne did that here! Bravo!

I also enjoyed the world building the author accomplished here. Although the world doesn’t seem like a pleasant one, as if humanity has gotten off course (more than we are now), it’s a world that is firmly placed in the reader’s mind. It also helps establish the whys of what some people do. Society plays a big role in how the majority of people respond to situations in life and I feel Kent Wayne nailed that point.

Overall, I encourage people to read this book. It is just a glimpse into an expansive world, but a glimpse that leaves you wanting to discover more. For me, that’s one of the most enjoyable parts of reading and discovering new people and new worlds.

Book Review: Bloodthorn

Bloodthorn: Olive Kennedy (Fairy World MD Book 3) by [Grantham, Tamara]

5 out of 5!

So I have been reading this series like nonstop and this one only took 1 morning to read for me! In fact, it was this morning that I read it. I haven’t read through books this fast in years. That is how good these books are for me. The story, the characters, the romance, everything about this book speaks volumes to me. And I cannot wait to download the other books and read through them.

I highly recommend reading the first book Dreamthief.

Book Review: Dreamthief

Dreamthief (Fairy World MD Book 1) by [Grantham, Tamara]

5 out of 5 stars

I cannot express how much I enjoyed this book other than it only took me 2 days to read it. I haven’t gone through a book this fast in a long time.

The story was amazing and just captured me instantly. The detail sucked me right into the world and I am saddened the story is over.

It is about a half-human, half-elf woman caught between two literal worlds, caused by a rending. One world is earth and the other is Faythander. Whereas other beings can travel between these two worlds, they lose their memories. Should a human travel to Faythander when he or she returns to earth, she has no memory of the other world. Should a Elf, Wult, or any other creature of Faythander travel to earth and return, they have no memory of their time spent on earth.

In the story, the reader soon learns that Faythander is in danger of being destroyed. Her godson, Jeremiah, is stuck in a nightmare, and she must piece everything together before it’s too late for her godson and Faythander. She must operate in both worlds if she is to discover the truth. Fortunately for her, she is of both worlds and doesn’t run the risk of losing her memory.

This book comes highly recommended!

Reading The Iliad

About 8 months ago, I’m admitting this with a bit of shame, I started reading this book. I really really wanted to since I hadn’t read it since high school, so about 18 years ago, give or take. I had forgotten how difficult it was for me to stay focused on this book. I read it in record time back in the day only because it was assigned to us and I was an overachiever. Now that it was by choice, the reading process was slow and I kept finding other things to read that I found more interesting.

At least it’s done and I won’t have to read it for a few more years ago, until I want to delve back into it. Now, let’s see if my husband can read it faster than I did… It won’t take much!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.