Reading Distractions

Book Distraction

This is so true. I am usually reading 2-3 at a time, though recently I’ve kept myself down to one book at a time.  I also get distracted by the books I’m writing. This is where all the fun is. While writing a novel, I usually end up with story ideas for either future books in the series or books not even related. Since I don’t want to lose those ideas, I usually go off and start writing the scenes I’ve imagined for those stories.

Book Review: Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands (A Fantasy Adventure Novel) (Devices of War Book 2) by [Blooding, SM]

5 out of 5

This second book in the Devices of War Trilogy was just as good as the first book. In fact, I feel it was better written. There were less mistakes in it, and the story was simply amazing.

I will be continuing with the 3rd book. It isn’t often that I find a series I’m this excited about reading. S.M. Blooding does a fantastic job of world building and drawing the reader into the world.

Book Review: Fall of Sky City

Fall of Sky City (A New Adult Fantasy Adventure Novel) (Devices of War Book 1) by [Blooding, SM]

4 out of 5

Oh my! Where do I begin? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and honestly can’t wait to go onto book 2. This is a steampunk genre. The first book I have ever read in this genre. The only reason, I didn’t give it 5 stars was because of the repeated errors found throughout the book. Otherwise, it would have a solid 5 stars.

The plot is fast paced and easy to read, minus the errors which kind of throw you out of the story for a moment. I would recommend the author to have another look through and fix these. There is one where she called one of the characters whose name is Varik by Virak.

The book is written in 1st person and you, as the reader, get to delve into Synn’s mind, what he’s feeling and what he’s thinking. The author did a fantastic job with this. She did a fantastic job with all the characters. I have read books where some of the characters are so similar to each other, you grow bored.

After his Family the El’Asim are reunited with the Ino Family. These two families are joined together by marriage. Almost from the moment, Synn steps foot on a letharan from his air ship, the story line thickens. The Hands have struck. He and his father board their ship to try to draw away the Hands, who are more technologically advanced than the Families.

Synn is soon forced into being a prisoner to one of the 4 Queens of the Hands.The Hands and the Families are at war and have been for quite a while. The Hands have been systematically wiping out the Families. And, the Families hide from the Hands, but it’s getting worse and worse for them.

While Synn is a prisoner to Queen Nix, it is not pretty what happens to him here. She eventually compulses him, meaning she has control over him. And when he does escape, he is compelled to go back to her, but manages to fight it. Now, with the help of the Families, mostly his mother, he brings the fight to them.

There is so much more involved in the book. I don’t want to go into too much detail and ruin the wonderful world for you. Read the book and enjoy the story. You won’t be disappointed.


Great Story/Concept But Terrible Writing

I have admitted this before and I will admit it now, I am a picky reader. There have been several books where I just didn’t finish. Several books I did finish and asked myself why I even bothered. And then, there are those books you read that are so terribly written, but because the story line and uniqueness of the book are intriguing you keep reading, trying to ignore all those things that irritate you so much. And all the while, you keep thinking this could have been a fantastic book if the author had only taken the time to fix the grammar and editorial mistakes. We all make mistakes. I know that. I’ve found mistakes in my own books that make me shake my head. It’s when those mistakes are on almost every single page that it really starts to bother me.

This is actually one of my biggest fears as a novelist. I always hope people will enjoy my books and not think they are horribly written. I know that I have room to grow as a writer. We all do. There’s always something we can do better. More showing, less telling is one of my goals and what I consider a weakness. But, I’m working on it and hope I’m getting better.

Even if you have a great idea that is unique and compelling,  it’s the writer’s job to make sure the writing isn’t terrible. There are a lot of books out there that have the potential to be absolutely amazing books. So make certain the correct grammar and punctuation is used, and the correct words are used. I’ve read a few books and after reading a particular sentence paused and went: “That words doesn’t mean what you think it means.” There is no shame in using a large word but only if you know what it means. If you aren’t certain, please, for the love of God, look it up! I am not ashamed to look up words. That’s what dictionaries are for! (It also makes you look like less of an idiot.)

Also, if you know one of your weaknesses as a writer is grammar and punctuation, either take a few classes to learn how to use it, or find a good editor. You don’t even have to pay for an editor if you don’t want to. There are friends out there who are so eager to read your books that they’ll help you out. I know from personally pricing some book editors that their prices are expensive. (Sometimes what I would consider a ridiculous rate.) Besides, that, it’s always a good idea to have another person take a look at your books before self-publishing. They are likely to see things you may have missed.


Book Review: The Prodigal Hour

I gave this 4 out of 5 stars.

Admittedly, this was the first book I’ve ever read about time travel. There isn’t a lot I’m going to say about this novel other than I enjoyed it and the characters in it. I don’t want to give away too much. I don’t believe in spoilers. Spoilers annoy me as I like to discover what has happened in a novel on my own. I also like people to discover things on their own. People need to make up their own minds about something and not read a book or watch a move because a few people don’t like it. Just because they don’t like a book, doesn’t mean you won’t. This review wasn’t supposed to be a soap box speech, but I’ve seen a lot over the years of people not liking something just because a few people don’t. I’ve always believed in making up your own mind about something.

With that being said and this being the first time travel novel I read, I did find it a little on the predictable side. I have watched a few time travel movies and this was kind of like them with wanting to go back and change things in the past. Don’t we all? However, there were a few surprises, don’t get me wrong. It’s one of the reasons I enjoyed the book. Another reason I enjoyed reading the Prodigal Hour is the fact I could connect with the characters. With some novels, this is more difficult for me.

I would recommend this book to anyone who was looking for a different kind of read.


A Book A Day

For some readers, this is a very ambitious goal. My goal as there are many many other things to do throughout the week is one book a week. Sometimes, this extends to one book every two weeks. To us, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow someone reads as long as they read.

With this being said, here are the links to the three books in our Trilogy of the Wolf. Enjoy keeping reality at bay!

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