Weekly Writing Post

Sorry about skipping last week’s post. Nothing much happened. We have kind of stalled on writing for now. We have made some progress but nothing that’s really worth noting! I’ve been in a lot of pain the last week and a half. I did something to my back and am seriously considering going to the doctor to find out what. It feels like something to do with my muscles (it’s what it was last time) but since I did have a spinal fusion, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Every day the pain seems to lessen, unless I go and do something I probably shouldn’t be doing. So, for the next two days I’m confining myself pretty much to my amazing adjustable bed to allow my body to relax. If I’m still not feeling better, off I go to the doctor.

There is some progress in our writing though. I am a quarter through the first edit of New Beginnings, the 5th and last book in the Hartland series. It’s been easier to focus on this than it has on the Ordinaries or book 2 in the Magna Luctus series. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I don’t have to think about the plot so much, except for any major loose ends. I haven’t found any yet but am still looking for them.

I wish all of you to have an amazing week!



So about a month ago, we discovered that I had a gluten insensitivity. We ended up having to change our diet. My husband decided to give up gluten so that it’s more simple for us in meal planning and we can have the same meals together. Also, there’s less of a chance for cross contamination. After having had a new diet for about a month, I’ve noticed a few things. I have finally started to lose weight. I haven’t changed my portion sides or anything. My body feels so much better and energetic. My pain levels from my back issues, having had to have a spinal fusion 2 years ago, and having arthritis in it, has gone down considerably. I was also having a lot of digestive issues, mostly of not being able to have a bowel movement, being bloated, and entirely uncomfortable and in pain. That has disappeared completely. That’s probably too much information for some people, but I just want to let those know who may be experiencing the same things that they aren’t alone.

Because of these changes, my mood has improved considerably as well. Since moving to Savannah, GA and losing my amazing mother-in-law, I’ve gone through a bit of depression. It’s not easy admitting, but, honestly, I think everyone goes through it from time to time. Where nothing you do makes you feel right. Where doing the things you use to love make you feel nothing. This was writing for me as well as other things. When I was writing, I didn’t feel the passion I use to about it. I think it’s one of the reasons I struggled with the final book in the Hartland series as much as I did. Now, I just have to edit it…. Boo!

During this time, when I should have been there for my husband who lost his mother in a car accident due to a woman texting and driving, I wasn’t there. Not really. I was barely there for myself. In fact, my husband pretty much had to come home from work and cook our meals and clean the house. There were days, where I did these things. These were my good days.

I don’t know how he did it, but that just shows you what someone will do when they love you. I’ve been there for him in the past when his father died, or when he’s lost his job, and other set backs. I beat myself up for not really being there for him a lot during the last year. There was a lot of change to adjust to. That is, until recently when he pointed out a few things to me. In a marriage, sometimes you have to take care of the other person and be okay with it. Jeff is a truly amazing man and I am better with him by my side than I would have ever been alone or with someone else. We often feel that we were meant for each other. We balance each other out quite well.

We’ve had our rough patches in our marriage. I think most married couples do. It’s impossible to agree on everything all the time. The thing is, we’ve stayed with one another through it all. We’re in for the long haul! We’ve been married 12 and a half years now. We’ve seen each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we still love one another very much. We hate being apart from one another.

I’m leaving this post with a little reminder for everyone, even for myself. Remember to be kind in life. You have no idea what the other person, the one who may have annoyed you or did something you deemed stupid, is going through. Be kind. Be patient. Be understanding.

Weekly Update

Alright! We actually made progress. Visible progress. Both WIPS, the Ordinaries and book 2 in the Magna Luctus series are sitting over 30k. We made some headway with them last week. We are no longer sick and actually have clear heads so we can think again. Hooray!

We also started to edit the last book in the Hartland series, New Beginnings. So far, it’s going well. Hopefully, it’ll be done in a few weeks. That is, if there aren’t any major plot holes. In a few of our stories, we’ve had characters just disappear. I guess we had gotten tired of writing about them or something, so we had to go back and fix why they were no longer in the story. We have also contradicted ourselves in some of our writing, too. So far, there hasn’t been any of that. Maybe, with practice, we actually are getting better. Lol.

Anyways, have an awesome week. We plan to be busy writing and trying to catch up from when we were sick. Best of luck to everyone in all of their endeavors.

Weekly Writing Update

We’re finally feeling better! Hooray! Now, we just need to stay healthy. It’s hard to do when your job requires you to be outside for most of the day and in contact with other sick people, but we’ll do out best.

Anyway, we have made progress with our novels. Book 2 in the Magna Luctus series is just under 27k. The Ordinaries is just over 28k. I’m hoping to break the 30k mark on both stories today. The only way we can do this is if we don’t let ourselves become distracted with Facebook. We have a bad habit of scrolling through there quite often during the day, usually when we don’t want to write. I’m trying to replace that habit with reading. We already don’t watch much t.v. What we do do is spend too much time on the internet, usually Facebook, and we spend a little too much time playing video games. We’re trying to correct some of these “bad” habits that we’ve fallen into since moving to Savannah, GA. One of the reasons we’ve fallen into these habits is the fact that we don’t like it here, which we’re currently saving and waiting for our lease to end so we can skedaddle out of here.

I hope everyone has a productive week! Remember to be kind, even when in circumstances it would be easier to be rude, or maybe even justified. Kindness goes a long way.

Weekly Writing Update

We are still sick and haven’t made much progress. For the Ordinaries, we’re at 22,500 words and at a stand still for book 2 in the Magna Luctus series. While being sick, we are still writing a bit. It seems, however, that we’re finally getting over this cold and our writing progress will hopefully grow. I am also hoping to start editing on the last book in the Hartland series. I’ve been slacking on this quite a bit.

During our cold, we’ve been reading quite a bit more. It’s much easier to focus on something someone else has written instead of trying to focus on what we’re writing. I am glad to say that I’m feeling a bit better. My husband came down with the cold first and has pretty much already kicked it. I probably have a few more days ahead of me, but am definitely feeling better.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Book Review: Origins

Product Details

5 stars

I will admit that the beginning of this book was a little difficult for me to get into. It had little to do with the story line. That part I found highly interesting. However, throughout the entire book, there were commas missing which made some sentences a little difficult to read. I powered through this and discovered a remarkable story that I would recommend to anyone.

The main character, Hastelloy, tells a truly fascinating story about the origins of many things. It starts with him telling a therapist about his past. Whereas, some of the terminology Hastelloy uses might seem a little odd given the fact he’s an alien from a planet far away, it’s easy to understand that they might have some of the same kinds of things we do.

The story starts before they land in Egypt before the Great Pyramid was built as well as the Sphinx. As the story continues to unravel, it is soon discovered that he had a huge hand in building both national monuments we all love and cherish today. Among other interesting things. There are also parts of the story that take place in the present day, besides him relating these past events to the therapist.

I found the story progression an engaging one that kept me reading. That doesn’t happen often. It’s one of the reasons I gave the story 5 stars, despite it needing some editing. I also gave the story 5 stars because this is something I have never read before. I felt the story was original.


Weekly Writing Update

On book 1 of the Ordinary series we’re only 19k and have made no progress on book 2 in the Magna Luctus series as sickness has descended upon the house. It is pretty darn difficult to think and write while your head is pounding and every few minutes you’re either coughing or blowing your nose!

Hopefully within a few days, we’ll be better and back to it.

Have a great week everyone!