Stop the Excuses

Even if you only write a paragraph in a day, or a sentence, you still wrote something. Those paragraphs and sentences add up. If you keep at it then eventually it becomes something real. Something that’s alive! It’s the writer’s persistence that makes a writer. Without it, nothing would ever get finished. For a writer, it’s our passion for the story that keeps us going, even when we’ve written ourselves into a corner. We want to see it through to the end. Sometimes, the story even surprises us.

The thing that bothers us the most is when people say “Oh, I can write a book” as if it were an easy thing. When people say this, we ask them “Well, why don’t you then?” And this is where all the excuses start piling up. I’m too busy. I don’t have enough time. I would if I could only find the time. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

The thing is, writer’s make the time. We give up something in order to have “time” to write.

For us, we give up time from our social life and sometimes our reading life (it depends how deeply involved we’ve become in the current project). Writing is more important to us. Few understand this. Other writers do, but non-writers don’t understand why we would give up on social events. We’re not saying we don’t go out and do anything, but we go out a lot less than other people. We value the time we do have for writing and we often make the time to do it. Life is hectic I understand that. We’ve even asked a few people what they do in the evening. When they say what it is, we ask them why they don’t cut into that time a bit for writing. And then more excuses pile on. We’ve come to the realization, it’s because they don’t really want to write. That’s okay. Just admit it. That’s all us writer’s ask for. Just admit that you don’t really want to write a novel. The fact is not everyone can do it. That’s okay. We’re not all born the same. If we were imagine how boring that world would be!

If you don’t want to sacrifice things from your life in order to “find” the time to write then you’re not really a writer. You’re a person who dreams about writing. So write! Even if all you can do that day is a sentence or two. It adds up over time and helps you define yourself as a writer.


Reflections of People

This is another character blog. It’s about how our characters are a reflection of people we have met in passing, even if it was only a moment, people we know in real life, family members, or close friends who might as well be family. As hard as we might try, there is always something in a character that came from something, or I should say someone, we know.

There is sometimes when a person will beg us to put them into a book. Normally, we don’t oblige to such requests because we don’t want to offend anyone or we don’t think we can do that person enough honors. However, we did so recently, and I have to say the character was one of our favorites. We took real characteristics from a real person and made them into a character for one of our books. We actually made her the bad guy, which she was overjoyed about. These characteristics are sometimes blown out of proportion from the actual person, so we can have a character everyone loves or everyone hates. I feel every single person out there has a little bit of good and bad in them. It is just how we choose to act which makes us either good or bad. It is the same with characters. It’s how they choose to act.

Characters in books also take on some characteristics of the author. I know we put a little bit of ourselves into our books without meaning to. It just happens, especially when you’re sitting there trying to think of a way out of a corner you just wrote yourself into, again this is because we don’t write to an outline, and we don’t want to scrap the scene we just finished because it was awesome. During these times, we ask what the character would do. When we come up with something, we also tend to think, is this something we would do, an actual person? If it’s not, we go back to the drawing board.

All I can say is character development is one of our favorite aspects of writing. Most of our stories are character driven. We try not to over detail too much because as readers this annoys us tremendously. So, when you go out to write and are developing a character, remember, no matter how hard you try, there will be some elements in there from a real person or multiple people. I know a few of ours have several people in them, which makes them unique. Characters are what drives a story, so they should be as real as you can get them.