Book Reviews

This page is reserved for the author and their opinion of the books they’ve read. We are open to receive requests ( to review books from other authors. Keep in mind, we’re extremely picky and value our time immensely so we won’t review every request sent our way.

2018 Book Reviews

  1. Dreamthief: Olive Kennedy (Fairy World MD Book 1) by Tamara Grantham
  2. Spellweaver: Olive Kennedy (Fairy World MD Book 2) by Tamara Grantham
  3. Bloodthorn: Olive Kennedy (Fairy World MD Book 3) by Tamara Grantham
  4. Silverwitch: Olive Kennedy (Fairy World MD Book 4) by Tamara Grantham
  5. Goblinwraith: Olive Kennedy Novella (Fairy World MD Book 5) by Tamara Grantham
  6. Deathbringer: Olive Kennedy (Fairy World MD Book 6) by Tamara Grantham
  7. Grayghost: Olive Kennedy (Fairy World MD Book 7) by Tamara Grantham
  8. Mage Fade by C.J. Thompson
  9. Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter by Kent Wayne
  10. Accidental Leigh (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Book 1) by Melanie James
  11. The Edge of Madness: 15 Complete Novels and Novellas
  12. On Unfaithful Wings (An Icarus Fell Novel) by Bruce Blake
  13. Bernie and the Putty (The Universe Builders Book 1) by Steve Lebel
  14. Storm Front by (The Dresden Files Book 1) by Jim Butcher


2017 Book Reviews

A Dream of Storms (In the Shadow of the Black Sun, Book 1) by William Kenney
Fang Chronicles: Amy’s Story by D’Elen McClain
Forged in Death (The Death Wizards Chronicles Book 1) by Jim Melvin
Offworld (Dangerous Times Collection Book 1) by Robin Parrish
Fall of Sky City (Devices of War Book 1) by S.M. Blooding
Knight of Wands (Devices of War Book 2) by S.M. Blooding
Whispers of the Skyborne (Devices of War Book 3) by S.M. Blooding
Dark Angel Box Set Books 1-3 by Hanna Peach
The Life of Hon. William F. Cody Known as Buffalo Bill the Famous Hunter, Scout, and Guide by Buffalo Bill
Loss of Reason by Miles A. Maxwell
To Catch a Bad Guy (Janet Maples Series Book 1) by Marie Astor
Rest for the Wicked (The Claire Wiche Chronicles Book 1) by Cate Dean
Origins by Mark Henrikson
The Tinkerer’s Daughter by Jamie Sedgwick
The Stolen Karma of Nathaniel Valentine by Justin Bloch
Be Here Now by Andrea Wolfe
The Iliad by Homer
The Royal Gift by Drae Box


2016 Book Reviews (We read more books in this year than this shows, I assure you!)

Wizard’s First Rule (Sword of Truth, Book 1) by Terry Goodkind
Shadow of the Raven (Sons of Kings, Book 1) by Millie Thom
The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith
The Prodigal Hour by Will Entrekin