Weekly Writing Update

We are still sick and haven’t made much progress. For the Ordinaries, we’re at 22,500 words and at a stand still for book 2 in the Magna Luctus series. While being sick, we are still writing a bit. It seems, however, that we’re finally getting over this cold and our writing progress will hopefully grow. I am also hoping to start editing on the last book in the Hartland series. I’ve been slacking on this quite a bit.

During our cold, we’ve been reading quite a bit more. It’s much easier to focus on something someone else has written instead of trying to focus on what we’re writing. I am glad to say that I’m feeling a bit better. My husband came down with the cold first and has pretty much already kicked it. I probably have a few more days ahead of me, but am definitely feeling better.

I hope everyone has a great week!


Book Review: Origins

Product Details

5 stars

I will admit that the beginning of this book was a little difficult for me to get into. It had little to do with the story line. That part I found highly interesting. However, throughout the entire book, there were commas missing which made some sentences a little difficult to read. I powered through this and discovered a remarkable story that I would recommend to anyone.

The main character, Hastelloy, tells a truly fascinating story about the origins of many things. It starts with him telling a therapist about his past. Whereas, some of the terminology Hastelloy uses might seem a little odd given the fact he’s an alien from a planet far away, it’s easy to understand that they might have some of the same kinds of things we do.

The story starts before they land in Egypt before the Great Pyramid was built as well as the Sphinx. As the story continues to unravel, it is soon discovered that he had a huge hand in building both national monuments we all love and cherish today. Among other interesting things. There are also parts of the story that take place in the present day, besides him relating these past events to the therapist.

I found the story progression an engaging one that kept me reading. That doesn’t happen often. It’s one of the reasons I gave the story 5 stars, despite it needing some editing. I also gave the story 5 stars because this is something I have never read before. I felt the story was original.


Weekly Writing Update

On book 1 of the Ordinary series we’re only 19k and have made no progress on book 2 in the Magna Luctus series as sickness has descended upon the house. It is pretty darn difficult to think and write while your head is pounding and every few minutes you’re either coughing or blowing your nose!

Hopefully within a few days, we’ll be better and back to it.

Have a great week everyone!

Things to Come

Here it is guys. Whereas we love to write and read, we feel that we’d like to be able to write about anything. And we mean anything. Funny anecdotes. Perhaps even bizarre dreams that could later turn into books. What’s going on in our life right now. I can tell you not much right now. Just the daily grind stuff. Go to work. Come home. Go to work. Come home. Blah blah blah.

One of the reasons we don’t write too often on here is because we thought we could only write about writing and about reading books. I mean that’s basically what we enjoy doing! However, that’s just a small portion of our life. A fun portion, don’t get me wrong. Even if we whine about writing and the dreaded editing from time to time, we do enjoy writing.

We want to share so much more with you. So, from here on out, if we think of something that isn’t necessarily related to writing, we’re going to share it. As my husband drives truck all day long, he ends up seeing a lot of things, and I mean a LOT of things. Don’t worry though, there will still be weekly writing updates, reading updates (we have fallen tremendously behind on this), and some insight on how we write. We feel in this way, any readers we have will be able to connect with us better. They’ll be able to know the real us better.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Weekly Update

Woohoo! Two weeks in a row, we’ve done this. (This is us trying to stick to a goal. It’s hard, but sometimes you just have to buckle down. Ha Ha.)

Anyway, on the new WIP, The Ordinaries, we have reached just over 17k. On book 2 in the Magna Luctus series, our word count is still just over 30k.

Not much headway on either of our current works in progress, but we’re still making some progress. To tell you the truth, we’ve been “goofing off” a lot lately, but a while back we realized a few things. Whereas we love writing, creating worlds, and watching our characters grow, we enjoy doing others things as well. Sometimes the world isn’t always just about writing. Sometimes it is. Last week it wasn’t.

Have a great week. Be productive. Be kind. Enjoy life.

Weekly Writing Update

Been busy writing all week! We’re going to try to make an update post every Sunday. No promises. We usually get busy and forget about our blog. Oops! At least when we’re being busy, it’s because we’re writing. Or reading. Usually writing. Sometimes goofing off. Just living life.

On the new WIP, the tentative name for it is The Ordinaries, we’re already over 12k. On book 2 in the Magna Luctus series we’re at 30k. In a few more days, we’ll be starting to edit the final book in Hartland 5: New Beginnings. Looking forward to it, but at the same time, not.

So many new things going on right now. So many things we’ll be able to share in a few months. Well back to writing while it’s flowing.

Just DO IT!!!!

Generally, when writing a story an author knows where the story is going. Generally…  We typically know how the story is going to start and how it’s going to end. It’s filling in the middle part that’s the real fun area of writing. But what happens when you have no idea where the story is going and you just keeping writing? Sometimes we get stuck. Other times we keep writing to see where the story takes us. When we do this, the ending we had in mind often changes as well.

This isn’t a bad way of writing. In fact, this is the way we usually write. We sometimes have a specific ending that needs to happen, like in Full Moon Rising, our first published novel. Otherwise, most things are up in the air and the story forms as we go. Unfortunately, when we edit, sometimes we find huge gaping plot holes!

But as I said, that’s the fun part of writing. We never really know where the story is going to take us. What started as an awesome idea can change, evolve and become something even greater than we thought possible.  So, just remember that there is no real way to write. Whatever is comfortable for the author is the way you should be writing. If having a set schedule works for you, DO IT. If having a routine, drinking a cup of coffee or whatever, having snacks, doing a little dance, DO IT! As a writer, you’re the only one who knows what works best for you. We’re not saying not to try to experiment with something different. Who knows that might work even better for you. What we’re saying is you know yourself better than any one person out there.

If you need an outline for the story, DO IT. However, we have read plenty of novels where writers write to an outline and the writing does turn to a sort of formula, and as a reader it tends to become boring. Whatever you need, just DO IT. No excuses. Get out there and write these amazing ideas you’ve had. No one else will do it for you.