Writing Update

Hartland, book 4, The False Gods, is finished. There is just one more quick edit and then it’s off to the beta readers. We’re so excited it’s finally finished! In fact, we’re so excited, we’ve already started on book 5. We’re about a 1000 words into it. More to come tonight!

Book 5, whatever the title may be, will probably be the last in the series, unless something unexpected happens. That is always a possibility with our writing. You just never know what kind of idea will snatch us away. It’s one of the many, many, many reasons we love to write.

Gotta get back to writing. Book 5 won’t write itself, but how cool would that be?


Stop the Excuses

Even if you only write a paragraph in a day, or a sentence, you still wrote something. Those paragraphs and sentences add up. If you keep at it then eventually it becomes something real. Something that’s alive! It’s the writer’s persistence that makes a writer. Without it, nothing would ever get finished. For a writer, it’s our passion for the story that keeps us going, even when we’ve written ourselves into a corner. We want to see it through to the end. Sometimes, the story even surprises us.

The thing that bothers us the most is when people say “Oh, I can write a book” as if it were an easy thing. When people say this, we ask them “Well, why don’t you then?” And this is where all the excuses start piling up. I’m too busy. I don’t have enough time. I would if I could only find the time. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

The thing is, writer’s make the time. We give up something in order to have “time” to write.

For us, we give up time from our social life and sometimes our reading life (it depends how deeply involved we’ve become in the current project). Writing is more important to us. Few understand this. Other writers do, but non-writers don’t understand why we would give up on social events. We’re not saying we don’t go out and do anything, but we go out a lot less than other people. We value the time we do have for writing and we often make the time to do it. Life is hectic I understand that. We’ve even asked a few people what they do in the evening. When they say what it is, we ask them why they don’t cut into that time a bit for writing. And then more excuses pile on. We’ve come to the realization, it’s because they don’t really want to write. That’s okay. Just admit it. That’s all us writer’s ask for. Just admit that you don’t really want to write a novel. The fact is not everyone can do it. That’s okay. We’re not all born the same. If we were imagine how boring that world would be!

If you don’t want to sacrifice things from your life in order to “find” the time to write then you’re not really a writer. You’re a person who dreams about writing. So write! Even if all you can do that day is a sentence or two. It adds up over time and helps you define yourself as a writer.

Words are Powerful

We all know that words are powerful. They can create or destroy. Cause hope or crush dreams. Heal or harm. Words, even mean ones, can motivate someone into doing better, pushing themselves into what they’ve always wanted. Sometimes, words can even mend a broken heart.

When we turn these powers into our writing, we create worlds and tangible characters. We create places the mind can see and dream about. Authors are lucky, whether they’re published or not, indie or traditional. Authors have this ability to turn these powerful words into something special. Something that when the reader reads it, they take something away from the book with them. I’ve even taken away special means from books that weren’t written or edited all that well. The point is, authors use words to create something only they can see in an attempt to share it with others.

We, Jeff and Jess, are a bit reclusive. We admit that freely, but by sharing our work with others, we allow strangers to see into us, even if it’s just a little bit. We connect with others through our writing whether we want to or not. Through words we have created multiple worlds and so many characters, each with a little part of ourselves in them. Even the darker characters have a little bit of the author in them, after all we did think of them and flush them out until they were “alive”. It’s a little unsettling sometimes to know what our minds are capable of. Of what our thoughts and imagination leads to.

With these wonderful things we call words, we get to share these creations with the world (or at least anyone willing to spend a dollar or two to read them when they aren’t free).

Words are powerful tools indeed. It’s one of the reasons, we try to bring kindness with us when we do get social enough to go out into the real world. It’s as simple as carrying on a small conversation with the person ahead of you in line, or telling someone something you like about them.

Weekend Reminiscing

My husband and I spent this weekend going through our story idea folders, and I mean folders. We have so many different ideas, in so many different genres. Some of the ideas were horrible and were re-purposed into other, more interesting stories. Some didn’t even seem like ideas and were just deleted. Then, there were some that made us giggle with the thought that we once thought these were good stories. The ideas were saved and tucked away for when we want to work on that particular story. I can honestly say our writing has had tremendous improvements. I can also say, there’s a lot of room for more improvement. We’re always learning something new. We’re always trying something new.

We really needed this kind of weekend. Both of us have been struggling with writing lately. We’ve been wondering if it’s worth continuing, as it is time consuming and sometimes frustrating. For the most part, we enjoy writing. We enjoy the world building. We enjoy the character development. And, as we talked about, in another post, we do enjoy the certain amount of control we have over things that happen. More importantly, we enjoy sharing these worlds and characters that float around inside of our heads with each other. We enjoy sharing them and developing these worlds together until it reflects both of us. So far, it hasn’t led into an argument, just discussions and more ideas that pop out, helping round out stories in areas that may be lacking. Basically, we enjoy that this is something we can share with one another.

What we don’t enjoy about writing is probably what most beginning authors don’t enjoy. It’s time consuming. Editing can be irritating and more time consuming then the actual writing of the book. Sometimes, the dream of living off our writing is just that; a dream. The market is flooded with millions of books and it can be difficult to be seen through all those books. Yet, we persist. Our dreams will never happen if we don’t at least try. We never thought to see any of our books sell or even see one of our novels in print. Yet, we have. We’ve even signed books for people. That’s an amazing and awkward feeling all at the same time.

Even if we never make it big, we can die happy knowing we tried and never gave up. It’s one of the many conversations we had this weekend. It’s one of the many things, my husband and I have in common. Perseverance.  It’s what’s gotten us to this point in our lives. It’s what will get us to the next. So, if you’re struggling with reasons why you should continue to write, just know, you aren’t alone. There are others out there who wonder if it’s worth it. I’m going to tell you right now that it is. It’s worth every single struggle you’ll face as an author, indie or no. It’s WORTH it. No questions. Keep struggling. Keep writing. Keep attempting to live your dreams. The only person in charge of seeing your dreams happen is you.

Book Review: Whispers of the Skyborne

Whispers of the Skyborne (Devices of War Book 3) by [Blooding, S.M.]

5 out of 5 stars

The third book of the Devices of War Trilogy was a great book. Fantastic story line and ending. The characters stayed true to themselves. However, I do feel the ending was a little rushed. There were a lot of unanswered questions. Maybe this was done on purpose though to set up another book in the future.

I would recommend people to buy all 3 books. It was a fantastic story and one I won’t forget soon.

Updates, Writing, and Control

Although we are still very much into Mass Effect: Andromeda, I decided I should do something a little more constructive than playing a video game. It hasn’t been all play though. We’ve worked on book 2 of the Magna Luctus series. Book 1, The Hunt, isn’t out yet, it’s still being edited and changed a bit as book 2 progresses. We’ve also been editing Hartland book 4 and have come up with a name for it finally! It’s called The False Gods.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about how writing allows the author/writer to be in control of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Sure, your characters can go off and do something you didn’t expect, but it’s your choice to go with it or change it to something else. More often than not, we go with it, even if it works us into a bit of a corner. It’s at these moments, your writing gets real creative.

The control comes from being able to add anything into the story you want. Someone wronged you in the past, you can put that in a book. Although we do recommend caution with that! Be absolutely certain it’s something you want to put in there, and be absolutely certain to include something like this at the beginning of the book: This is a work of fiction and a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or situations is purely coincidental. As authors, I believe a lot of our characters and things are based on real life. Experiences give us things to write about, even the unpleasant ones. If someone didn’t want that experience to go down in writing, they should have treated you better. At least, that’s our opinion.

We love that writing gives us control over things in our books that we don’t necessarily have control of in our lives. We can create people and make them act how we think people should act; with kindness and forgiveness. We can also create people on how we’ve experienced others acting. There’s a lot of cruelness going on in the world right now, which can give writer’s plenty of fuel. I choose to try to see the good in people. Try to see the reasoning in why someone would do these things. Sometimes it isn’t pretty, but it helps as an author to understand characters which may end up in one of your books. Evil is a perspective.

Just remember, when writing, you have control over everything that happens. I find it therapeutic. I also think it’s why there are sooooooo many romance novels out there… Just saying.

Book Review: Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands (A Fantasy Adventure Novel) (Devices of War Book 2) by [Blooding, SM]

5 out of 5

This second book in the Devices of War Trilogy was just as good as the first book. In fact, I feel it was better written. There were less mistakes in it, and the story was simply amazing.

I will be continuing with the 3rd book. It isn’t often that I find a series I’m this excited about reading. S.M. Blooding does a fantastic job of world building and drawing the reader into the world.