Writing in Solitude

As I read other authors blogs and posts on Facebook, it seems all of them just want peace and quiet while they write. They want solitude and to be left alone. I have found that I write much better when my husband is in the room with me. When he goes off to the job that pays the bills and I’m left alone all day, my writing suffers. Sometimes I don’t write at all or only manage to get a page out. When he gets home and we’ve gotten to talk to each other and have dinner that’s when I hammer out my word counts and meet page numbers. It’s comforting in having him home with me, even if there are distractions because of it. Even if while I’m writing, he’s telling me about something that happened during the day.

He’s the same way. Back when I used to work, he wasn’t productive at all if he had a day off and I was at work. It wasn’t until I came home and we were together again did he think about writing. Writing is one of the many, many things that have drawn us closer to one another over the 12 years of our marriage, even when we disagree how a scene should play out. Somehow, we always manage to compromise and the scene turns out really great. Only a few times have we had to scrap the entire thing and start over. Thank goodness.

I think what it is, is we end up missing each other too much during the day. Maybe we’re odd. Maybe we’re not. All I know is we write at our best together instead of in solitude. We do everything better together.


2 thoughts on “Writing in Solitude

  1. How good to hear you work better when you and your husband are together. You’re right about most people preferring to be alone when writing as they can concentrate better that way. I suppose I come somewhere in between. We are both retired, so we’re together all day. My husband doesn’t write and spends a lot of time gardening, so he never interferes with my work. When he’s relaxing it’s with his nose in a book. His presence in the room is fine with me. Yours is a sweet and lovely situation.

    • We enjoy it.

      It seems like you and your husband have it figured out, too! Your significant other’s presence doesn’t have to be a hindrance, but I get the solitude and better concentration thing that some writers need. It’s all in how we write and who we are. I’m a firm believer that there is no “one” way to write.

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