Words are Powerful

We all know that words are powerful. They can create or destroy. Cause hope or crush dreams. Heal or harm. Words, even mean ones, can motivate someone into doing better, pushing themselves into what they’ve always wanted. Sometimes, words can even mend a broken heart.

When we turn these powers into our writing, we create worlds and tangible characters. We create places the mind can see and dream about. Authors are lucky, whether they’re published or not, indie or traditional. Authors have this ability to turn these powerful words into something special. Something that when the reader reads it, they take something away from the book with them. I’ve even taken away special means from books that weren’t written or edited all that well. The point is, authors use words to create something only they can see in an attempt to share it with others.

We, Jeff and Jess, are a bit reclusive. We admit that freely, but by sharing our work with others, we allow strangers to see into us, even if it’s just a little bit. We connect with others through our writing whether we want to or not. Through words we have created multiple worlds and so many characters, each with a little part of ourselves in them. Even the darker characters have a little bit of the author in them, after all we did think of them and flush them out until they were “alive”. It’s a little unsettling sometimes to know what our minds are capable of. Of what our thoughts and imagination leads to.

With these wonderful things we call words, we get to share these creations with the world (or at least anyone willing to spend a dollar or two to read them when they aren’t free).

Words are powerful tools indeed. It’s one of the reasons, we try to bring kindness with us when we do get social enough to go out into the real world. It’s as simple as carrying on a small conversation with the person ahead of you in line, or telling someone something you like about them.


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