Weekend Reminiscing

My husband and I spent this weekend going through our story idea folders, and I mean folders. We have so many different ideas, in so many different genres. Some of the ideas were horrible and were re-purposed into other, more interesting stories. Some didn’t even seem like ideas and were just deleted. Then, there were some that made us giggle with the thought that we once thought these were good stories. The ideas were saved and tucked away for when we want to work on that particular story. I can honestly say our writing has had tremendous improvements. I can also say, there’s a lot of room for more improvement. We’re always learning something new. We’re always trying something new.

We really needed this kind of weekend. Both of us have been struggling with writing lately. We’ve been wondering if it’s worth continuing, as it is time consuming and sometimes frustrating. For the most part, we enjoy writing. We enjoy the world building. We enjoy the character development. And, as we talked about, in another post, we do enjoy the certain amount of control we have over things that happen. More importantly, we enjoy sharing these worlds and characters that float around inside of our heads with each other. We enjoy sharing them and developing these worlds together until it reflects both of us. So far, it hasn’t led into an argument, just discussions and more ideas that pop out, helping round out stories in areas that may be lacking. Basically, we enjoy that this is something we can share with one another.

What we don’t enjoy about writing is probably what most beginning authors don’t enjoy. It’s time consuming. Editing can be irritating and more time consuming then the actual writing of the book. Sometimes, the dream of living off our writing is just that; a dream. The market is flooded with millions of books and it can be difficult to be seen through all those books. Yet, we persist. Our dreams will never happen if we don’t at least try. We never thought to see any of our books sell or even see one of our novels in print. Yet, we have. We’ve even signed books for people. That’s an amazing and awkward feeling all at the same time.

Even if we never make it big, we can die happy knowing we tried and never gave up. It’s one of the many conversations we had this weekend. It’s one of the many things, my husband and I have in common. Perseverance.  It’s what’s gotten us to this point in our lives. It’s what will get us to the next. So, if you’re struggling with reasons why you should continue to write, just know, you aren’t alone. There are others out there who wonder if it’s worth it. I’m going to tell you right now that it is. It’s worth every single struggle you’ll face as an author, indie or no. It’s WORTH it. No questions. Keep struggling. Keep writing. Keep attempting to live your dreams. The only person in charge of seeing your dreams happen is you.


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