Routines? Not us.

I’ve read several author interviews where the author has written to a routine. They get up and have things they go through before they sit down and write. We’ve read suggestions and or advice (whatever you want to call it) that say you should write to a routine. We have never had a routine. We write when we can. There are some days where we only write a sentence or two, and then there are other days where we write pages upon pages. And, it has nothing to do with routine. Some days, we write in the morning. Other days, we write in the evenings. And then, there are days, where we stare at a blank page with nothing that comes to us. Or, as we stare at that blank page a sudden idea for a new story pops into our brains and we have to hurriedly write down everything before we forget it. Those days are certainly interesting. We might not have made much progress toward the current WIP, but we came up with a new one.

We have tried writing to a routine, but it just gets so monotonous. I guess that’s also the reason we don’t write to an outline. We have a general idea of where the book is headed and we go with it. I count ourselves lucky that we can do this. I just can’t imagine waking up every day, going through a set of things that I do every day just to be able to write. Whereas, it’s wonderful to set aside a specific amount of time to write every day, it isn’t necessarily needed. As long as you can find the time to write something, what does it matter if it wasn’t between 10:30 a.m. and noon? or 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm?

Part of me wonders, if we could get into a routine if it wasn’t for my husband’s job that has him working all sorts of odd hours, and we never know when he’s actually going to get off. Maybe if he ever finds a job with a set schedule, we’ll explore the routine thing again. Right now, this is what works for us and we don’t plan to change a thing.

We say, write to whatever works best for you. Each writer is different. Don’t worry about what the “pros” say and do what’s best for you. Writing doesn’t have to be difficult. Writing doesn’t have to be something you do between a set time. Writing can be flexible as long as you remain flexible. Just have fun with it and keep at it.

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