Why is adversity so important, especially in writing? If you really stop to think about every single story you’ve ever read, few stories are truly happy ones. Yes, the ending could be a happy ending, but how they got up to the ending (the plot), is most likely not a happy story. There is inner struggle, some kind of conflict, and usually drama. Depending on what you’re reading, there could be action and maybe some romance (though not all books have romance in it and that’s okay), and maybe even some funny parts. I’m pretty certain almost everyone knows this, though I have read some books that are questionable, well-developed characters need hardship. It helps create the story you’re trying to convey. These hardships or adversities help create the character and allows the reader to get a true sense of who they are.

So, one might ask themselves what kind of struggles could my character(s) face? There’s loads of them to choose from! Trust me! If you have to, use your own struggles in life to write about. It’ll make it feel more real. Some of these adversities are illness and death, maybe a horrible accident occurred that left a person’s left side completely paralyzed. Some might even include desire that hasn’t been met. Frustration. Being lied to and you believing those lies because you didn’t have any reason not to until shown otherwise.

A big adversity many like to use, even us, is relationships. And I’m not talking just about the whole romance relationship. I’m talking about the everyday relationships people develop. Like with family, friends, work colleagues, pets, a person you see on the street everyday on your way to wherever. These relationships matter, especially when the relationship isn’t quite right. These types of relationships help define who your character is and who they strive to be.

Remember, the adversity is there for your character to overcome. Without it, I guaranty you that your character and story is going to be oh so bland. In our early writing, we didn’t go into character adversity much. Both, and this was before we met each other, were tentative with it. As a result, our early works barely had a story with a plot and the characters were all similar. Of course, no one told us this. Or, they did but in a polite way that we just didn’t get. This is why it’s so important to read and write. Reading helps us know where our own writing lacks. It also helps to find a few brutally honest friends.

However, I will say this. It’s important not to have adversity all the time. That gets a little boring and annoying. Let some good things happen, too.


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