Writing Update

Just wanted to update everyone with what we’ve been working on. It’s awesome being a husband and wife writing team, while one of us is working on one project (if we’re not working together) then the other is working on a new project. Our two WIPS are Hartland 4 (yet to be named) and The Hunt.
All the while of working on these two, we have come up with several ideas for other stories. One of the long running projects we have planned is called Just Plain Lost. This story will frequently go from fantasy to science fiction. It will be a lighter story than the others we have already published, which is one of the reasons we are so eager to work on it. But sometimes, other stories have a stronger calling. The other series we’ve been working on as well and this is just a tentative title until we can figure out a different name (who knows we might just go with it) is called Journals of the Dead and this is a dystopian type novel where the world has ended as we know it and a new world takes its place, along with 11 new species of mankind that must learn how to work together.
Writing is such fun and we cannot wait to share these works with you. It’s one of the reasons we try to keep our prices low. Whereas other indie authors will charge more for their paperbacks, we try to keep it at $9.99. We have also seen other authors charge $2.99 to $6.99 for their ebooks. Our first novel of the series is always priced at just 0.99c and the books after that $1.99.
Whereas, we would love to offer our novels for free all the time, we would like to make a career out of this. Until you’ve written a novel and edited it like a billion times, you’ll have no idea how much time, effort, heartache, headache, wrist aches, irritation, and anything else you can imagine writing a novel takes. It’s one of the reasons authors love reviews. Even if you only can rate the novel a 3 or a 4, we still want that review. We’re not looking for a perfect review, but boy would that be nice! If you can’t say anything nice about the books we’ve written and you don’t want to write a review for it because of it, you can private message us about it. We’d still like to know.
I’ll leave you with this. Being an author is a difficult path, but one we’ll never stop pursuing.

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