Scene Essentials First

The way we write books differs from each author. We all have advice to give to others writing, but it boils down to how it works best for you as the writer. Sure we’d all like to write how a great best-selling author writes, but is it in our best interest to do so? I think not. In trying to mimic someone else, we lose our own voice in the process. For each individual writer, there are unique things that make the person write. Sometimes its rituals, other times its being in the mood, among many other things.

For us, we, admittedly, have to force ourselves to write sometimes. Sometimes scenes in one of our novels come easily and we know exactly where it’s going with a few changes if the characters decide to do something unexpected. For the most part, it goes in the direction we had thought it should. Other days, we sit here and have to force ourselves to write a scene that we feel is something terrible! Yet, one of our rules is to power through it because you can always go back and fix it. There are quite a few scenes we’ve had to go back and tweak, some of them are even the ones that went smoothly the first time. And yes, some of our best scenes in our novels are the parts we had to struggle through. It’s why when you hear someone say or even read it somewhere, scene essentials first and then build on them during revisions, it’s actually not that bad of an idea. The most important part for us is to just get the story finished and on “paper” or the “digital screen”.  Once its finished, you can go back and build on these scenes, adding anything you desire or accidentally left out in your rush to get the story out. It’s what the revisions are for. Our novels go through oh so many revisions before we’re happy with the way the story turned out. I’m sure it’s this way for many authors out there.

Just remember when you’re stuck in a scene you’re not really caring for it can be changed and power through it. The most important thing is finishing! Don’t let something hang you up and make you put your manuscript on an indefinite hold. We have a few of those, too, we hope we can go back and work on. There are just so many stories we need to tell. Sometimes those get overshadowed by the next BIG idea that came to us. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to get all of our stories finished, but I think it’s definitely worth the try.

Today, is one of those days where I’m telling myself scene essentials first. What needs to happen here for the story to continue? It doesn’t have to be pretty. It can be fixed!

So happy writing everyone!


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