Small Writing Update

With our decided name change, there was a lot we needed to do. We needed to re-edit all 6 of our books and change the pen names on them, as well as all of our social media accounts. With the nearly 2000 mile move we made, we got behind. The new job has bizarre hours, which we’re still trying to get used to, and we’re adjusting to moving to a larger city. Casper, Wyoming, the town we called home for many years had only about 60,000 people. Savannah, Georgia, the place we now call home has 379,000. It’s been difficult getting used to more people, but it’s been a learning experience for us. As well as Hurricane Mathew was. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves down here, which was one of the reasons we decided to move. Having what people call life experiences is a good thing and helps shape you into a better version of yourself. This was an opportunity we had hoped we would get. Admittedly, we hadn’t thought we’d get the opportunity so soon!

Well, anyways, 4 of the 6 books have been edited! We are finally getting caught up. We are also still working on a few new books. One of them is partially in a genre we never thought about writing in. That genre is steampunk. The WIP is called The Hunt. It’s in the first stage of edits! We might provide a small snippet soon of the story for everyone to read.


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