Book Review: The Prodigal Hour

I gave this 4 out of 5 stars.

Admittedly, this was the first book I’ve ever read about time travel. There isn’t a lot I’m going to say about this novel other than I enjoyed it and the characters in it. I don’t want to give away too much. I don’t believe in spoilers. Spoilers annoy me as I like to discover what has happened in a novel on my own. I also like people to discover things on their own. People need to make up their own minds about something and not read a book or watch a move because a few people don’t like it. Just because they don’t like a book, doesn’t mean you won’t. This review wasn’t supposed to be a soap box speech, but I’ve seen a lot over the years of people not liking something just because a few people don’t. I’ve always believed in making up your own mind about something.

With that being said and this being the first time travel novel I read, I did find it a little on the predictable side. I have watched a few time travel movies and this was kind of like them with wanting to go back and change things in the past. Don’t we all? However, there were a few surprises, don’t get me wrong. It’s one of the reasons I enjoyed the book. Another reason I enjoyed reading the Prodigal Hour is the fact I could connect with the characters. With some novels, this is more difficult for me.

I would recommend this book to anyone who was looking for a different kind of read.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Prodigal Hour

  1. I enjoy books about time travel, too, although I generally prefer them to go back in time, simply because I’m not a fan of sci-fi. Like you, Jenn, I like to connect with characters, and your review of that side of things sounds very positive. One to add to my reading list, I think.

  2. Hi there. Just wanted to say I’m glad you found, read, and enjoyed this. I’m really pleased you mentioned the characters specifically; you’re so right that time travel can be predictable, and one of the things I really hoped to do was grounding all of the usual time-travel cliches (for lack of a better word) in characters’ choices. Take good care, and happy reading!

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