Updating our Blog

With the penn name change my husband and I decided to go through, I realized we only half updated our blog! Ooops. Lol. Well, it’s all updated now with the newly edited chapters for the Trilogy of the Wolf (Full Moon Rising, The Curse, Prophecy’s End), as well as corrected links to the books. As Hartland goes through another edit before being released again, we’ll be updating this as well. Baby steps, eh? It seems to be taking forever to go through them, but it hasn’t even been a year yet. That’s pretty good since we uprooted ourselves a few months ago and have had to adjust to several new things. It turns out I’m not as receptive to change as I once was. Who knew?

Anyway, as I was going through some of our old posts, I realized our writing perspective has changed/evolved. Call it what you will. It also seems to change from month to month. Good thing, it’s only an opinion, right? There are many, many ways to write and achieve your goals. This website is just our way of doing things and they change as does life. It was refreshing going back through and reading some of our older posts and realizing how we’ve changed as writers. The only thing that has never changed is we’ve never given up. I doubt that will ever change though certainly we do think about it sometimes, usually when we’re experiencing writer’s block.

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming weekend. I know we will. We have lots of writing planned and maybe a trip to the beach. We’ll see. Failing the beach, we’ll at the very least go out to a movie. Enjoy!!!!!

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