What keeps you focused as a writer? For us, we focus each other. A long time ago, before we met each other, I’m sure our focus for writing was different. It’s been a long time, but I remember what my focus was. I wanted to get published and escape my family and the way they treated me. It turns out, I didn’t need to get published or rich to do so. I haven’t had contact with them for over a year now. My blood pressure is much lower now and I’m happier. I had no idea how much they were weighing me down with their negativity toward everything, including the spinal fusion which got me back on my feet and able to do things on my own again. The only time they called was to have me or my husband do something for them. But, I regress…

Back then, escaping was my focus, along with getting rich and becoming well-known. I’m not saying those are bad reasons to write. I’m not entirely sure there is a bad reason to write or to stay focused on writing. Writing can be hard. We need something to ground us and help us stick to a routine, otherwise those great novels never get written. People say write for yourself first. I’ve done that, too. To me, my writing was never as good as it is now that I have a different focus in mind. For me, I write to make my husband proud. My husband has told me the same thing. He writes for me more than anyone or anything else.

It’s important to realize what focuses you on writing, and it’s important to realize you may have to change your focus. It won’t be easy. You practically have to rewire your brain to do so and it takes time. If it works for you, keep it by all means! As I’ve said, writing can be hard. It’s definitely something that eats up a lot of time. But, in the end, it’s entirely worth it. You created something, a story, from thin air. In my book, that already makes you successful. Not many people can complete a novel, even a first draft. The writing life isn’t for everyone, but if it is also what drives you, as many things in life do, than I wouldn’t give up on it.

My husband and I were having a discussion just the other night on what we would do if we stopped writing. We couldn’t think of anything. Writing is so much a part of our life, it would leave a void in us. We would feel empty without being able to create all the worlds floating around inside of our minds.

So, whatever it is that focuses you on writing and whatever keeps you writing, hold on to them. Not everyone has it in them. We have had several people over the years tell us they could write a book, usually followed by the “if they had more time” remark. We have challenged them to make the time and write, just like we do. My husband used to work 50+ hours a week and still found time to write. When we tell them that, they usually get a little sheepish and try to back out of what they said. A few of them have actually tried to write and have admitted they couldn’t finish. So, know, even if you never make it big, you still have accomplished something few have. Be proud of it and continue to write. You never know what the future holds!

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