Broken Writing Habits

It’s been about two months since we last posted anything here. The reason is simple. After we made the long move from Casper, WY to Savannah, GA, we haven’t been writing like we used to. Our schedule has been changed and it’s been difficult to get back into the flow of things. With any move, there is always something that comes up and makes it difficult to maintain good habits. For us, our writing has suffered.

After breaking a habit and forming a new habit, e.g. playing video games in all of our spare time, not just some anymore, it’s been difficult getting back to writing first, playing later.

Moving was a choice for us. Things haven’t quite turned out like we expected. I think that’s the reason behind the “not writing much anymore.” I was thinking today about how many stories there are for us to write and how little time there always seems to be to write them. It’s what made me realize what had happened. We were basically not moving forward with our writing anymore. So from here on out, I am hoping I can unbreak my writing habits and get back on track. We’ve taken a long enough break. It’s time to move forward again and roll with the punches. Lately, it seems like we’ve simply been standing still.

So, here is us to writing first, playing later, and then writing some more!


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