Great News

It’s been extremely difficult to think the last few days as my husband and I wait for confirmation on his job transfer. We’re glad to inform all our followers that we’ll be moving to Savannah, GA at the end of the month. We’re closing the chapter of this part of our life and starting another chapter.

Today, as I realized I have less than two weeks in our home, I am being nostalgic in between the moments of freaking the F*** out. My mind is jumping to the worst conclusions possible of what could go wrong. Silly brain. I keep telling myself everything will be fine. It’ll work out. Stop being paranoid and stop overreacting over things which haven’t even happened yet. Be joyful that you’re moving to a place you’ve thought about moving to for quite a while.

During all of this, I am reading through the revised edition of Full Moon Rising with our new pen name J.B. Jenn one last time before I release it. It’s been difficult to concentrate for sure, but I am being meticulous and working on it while resting in between house projects as we’re readying to sell our home.

All I know is I am in a state of giddiness and nervousness. I cannot wait to start our new chapter in our lives together. I cannot wait for us to be settled again, for our home to sell, and for this to behind us.

I will miss our home. A part of me, a small part of me, will even miss Casper, WY. It has been our home for many years now, but the time has come for us to move on and enjoy our life elsewhere!

Always remember, no matter what happens throughout your life, if it’s a failed novel, a failed marriage, a failed anything, life goes on. Life continues. You’ll heal and find a way to survive. The future is full of possibility.


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