Busy Busy

As we mentioned before, we decided to change our pen name to J.B. Jenn. We found it’s easier to write under one name instead of having both of our names on the cover of J.A.J. Hutchisson and J.L Hutchisson. We also dropped the Hutchisson part from our names in real life too. We now both have one simple name. It’s a name Jess wishes she had taken from the beginning of the marriage 11 years ago. For some reason, she was stubborn and stayed with her birth name. I’ve always been stubborn though… Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20.

With the change has come reformatting books, which also means reading through them again and fixing editing things we missed and minor discrepancies we weren’t aware of until reading through them again. Some of them even make us sit there and blink, wondering how we never noticed it before. None of our readers ever mentioned anything either. Maybe it just wasn’t that noticeable.

Also with preparing to move out of state in a few months, we’ve been trying to get our house projects finished so we can put the house on the market. So, this summer has been nothing but busy busy busy with writing and editing when we can. We apologize for the lack of communication here on this blog, but we have a clear destination in mind and we will do whatever it takes to get there, writing and otherwise.

If we aren’t on here again for a few months, we apologize, but sometimes real life can’t be helped. Besides, it’s sometimes a good thing to take a break from social media. For a time anyway. Once we get the outside projects to the house we started finished, we’ll have a bit more time. Until then have a great summer, enjoy the weather. But most importantly, enjoy life!


3 thoughts on “Busy Busy

  1. You have been busy! I hope you’ve managed to enjoy some summer, too. Moving to another state sounds like a very long way to someone from little England – which could fit many times into most of your states! Hope the move goes well, when the time comes.

    • The move we have planned is a long ways away. We’re moving from Wyoming to Georgia. I never considered England small until just now. Lol. But yes, we’ve managed to enjoy summer as well. We’ve taken a couple small road trips and have enjoyed the summer evenings. We’ve taken several walks, usually by the river. Hope you’ve enjoyed yours, too!

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