Do What Comes Naturally

Writing is difficult, yes. But it shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth.

Recently we’ve both been quite busy, but I have been a little less productive. About a year ago, maybe a little more, we had an idea for an awesome book series. So, I started working on it. A little more than a year goes by and all I had was 90 pages that I was in the process of re-writing because I didn’t like it. Any time I sat down to try and work on it, I felt as though I was pulling my own teeth. I just wasn’t interested in the story that much. Not yet, anyway. I have no doubt I will pick up that story and work on it again.

Then, during the course of a Monday afternoon where I was left to do nothing more than drive somewhere and think, an idea hit me. I spent close to 5 hours talking the story to myself, changing it, fleshing out characters, designing the world and coming up with plots and relationships. By the time I’d made it home that day, I had everything I needed to begin this amazing new story and then some.

But the slight feeling of guilt was there as well. Wanting to work on my new story made me feel as though I was cheating on the story I ‘thought’ I should be working on. So, I compromised by only doing the basics. All the story, characters, the world and everything else I’d come up with for this wonderful new story was typed up into One Note so I could access it easily when I got around to writing it.

Almost a week went by. I couldn’t get the new story out of my mind. Every time I closed my eyes I could see the characters, I could see the fights, I could hear them speaking to each other. It was dominating my mind and I wanted it too!

We talked and I decided to shelf the story I’d been working on. I’ll write it eventually, but now is not the time. I started writing on the new story, which has yet to earn a name, and I haven’t been able to stop.

It’s been two weeks since I started writing and I am already 18,000 words and 45 pages into it, with no signs of stopping any time soon. My quickest first draft, from start to finish, was six months. As it stands right now, I’ll probably beat that with this story. I am that excited about it.

My point, and I guess my advice to others is to let the words flow. If something is bothering you, demanding to be written, do it! Write it! Put down what you are doing and write. If you are struggling with something and something more interesting comes along, run with it. You may be pleasantly surprised by where it takes you.


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