Feeling Overwhelmed While Writing

This feeling doesn’t happen to us often, but when it does it happens in a big way, sometimes stalling our writing process altogether. We wonder what could happen, what will happen. The what if’s are endless during these moments. It’s also during these moments we sometimes doubt our writing, a fairly common trait for writers. We often wonder if we’re good enough. Will people like our work? What will happen if someone doesn’t? How are we going to get our books reviewed? When will we finish said book?

All these questions float through our thoughts, and at times, sadly, makes us hesitate in writing. But somewhere within ourselves, we always find the courage to move forward, to keep going. Writers are unique in this way. A career in writing is difficult, yet, most of us continue to try and try. If something isn’t successful, we move onto something different. We try new things. We even try new writing styles which improve our writing technique even if what we were working on didn’t work out. Writing is a profession where we’re constantly improving. We find ways of doing things better.

All this can be quite overwhelming. We can feel as if the world is against us, if you will. Sometimes it feels like no matter what we do, what we write, we’re just not doing enough. Even if you have people gushing about your books, you know you can do better. The biggest struggle and obstacle in the way of a writer is the writer. It takes a long time to learn to overcome these fears and continue forward. Each day and each time it happens, it gets a little bit easier.

There is one thing for certain, if you don’t love to write, this profession isn’t for you. As a writer we pour ourselves into this work. We live for it. We breathe it. (Even if we’re never successful or as successful as we want to be.) We’ll keep on writing. It’s what writers do, even if they don’t write every day.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Overwhelmed While Writing

  1. You’ve certainly put into words the feelings that many authors have at some stage or other. It’s so easy to doubt our own ability to write, especially when we struggle with particularly difficult sections. You’re right, it can feel overwhelming, and your advice regarding the way forward is spot on. Thank you for Shari.g this.

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