Started Book 4

While book 3 in the Hartland series, The Wytch King, is with another set of eyes in its final editing stages, I have begun to work on book 4 in the series. I am already a little over 1200 words into it. I found very little sleep last night as my mind kept jumping to everything I wanted to include in this book.

Now, this morning it’s a struggle to get everything out in a manner that makes sense. I have a word document open for the story and One Note for all the other things which keep popping into my mind to include but has no place in the story yet. Needless to say but am going to say it anyway, I have several chapters already planned out. A few of them are almost finished as I keep thinking of things for them. Now, I just have to get to them in the story and the right time line.

So excited to start another segment of the story. So far, there are 6 books planned for the entire Hartland series though it could turn into more.

Book 1 in the series is called Servants of the Old Gods It’s under an old pen name.


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