Quality Vs Quantity

For the longest time, Jeff and I have been big believers in the quality of thought versus the quantity of thought. You wouldn’t know it if you looked into our story idea folder, but we are big believers of this. It’s the reason why our story idea folder is full and continues to grow. We don’t want to miss out on a potential story, but we know that not all our ideas are going to turn into stories. Not everything is a good thought. We keep these bits and pieces because we end up using them in the novels we actually write. Sometimes they never get used.

There are authors out there who have written tons of books. Unfortunately, some of those books probably should have never been written, or they’re almost exactly like their last book with a few minor differences. We’ve read of few of those books as well, where the plot has barely been hashed out, the characters are bland, and you can tell the story was rushed. Needless to say, we don’t finish most of those books. Our time is too valuable for that. It’s one of the reasons, as authors, we love when readers give us reviews of our books, even if they didn’t like the story. Reviews help authors make better products, not necessarily more. We, as authors, want to write the best book we can and it’s difficult to do so if we don’t have the opinion of others. Reviews help us with the quality of our work and not the quantity.

One of the reasons, we view quality or quantity as being better is so the world doesn’t (ahem) end up with a whole bunch of vampire romance stories or werewolf romance stories. There are tons out there. While Full Moon Rising does have a single werewolf in the story, it is by no means a romance. Here are a few reviews to show you what the book is about and how it differs. Review # 1 and Review # 2

We believe in writing what we want to write, not what is popular at the moment. By doing so, we might never be best selling authors, despite dreaming to be, but we have stuck to what we want to do and what we know best. We can rest easy with this knowledge. Certainly, it would be nice to sell tons of novels, but the few we do sell make us happy. It means we’re reaching out to others and showing them what we can do. Most of our readers have loved the Trilogy of the Wolf series, the first book being Full Moon Rising. The only reason we know this is because of the reviews. As for the Hartland series, we’ve sold a few copies, but as of yet, no one has reviewed it. Anyone wishing to review it can contact us for a free copy! We’re always glad to give out free copies for reviews of any of our books.

I want to part with quality is always better than quantity, especially in a world where consumerism seems to help destroy creativity, imagination, and individualism.


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