A Character Isn’t Just a Character

As we’ve developed characters for our books, they take on a real feeling to us. They seem real. Many of our readers have said the characters in Full Moon Rising feel real. They make mistakes and judge too harshly at times. We tried to create them and have them do things we would do in those situations, but at the same time, stay true to themselves.

It’s why a character isn’t just a character. They are real people who happen to live in a fantasy world. Throughout the day, sometimes we even think about them. As we’re writing the book, they even creep into our dreams. They aren’t just lifeless beings we write about. We think about them constantly, in exception to the very minor characters these people cross paths with on occasion.

Although we wrote Full Moon Rising almost 4 years ago, well finished it and put it on the market as a test to see if we could succeed being indie authors, we still think about Constin Sal Tamind, Draikin, Dalandit, Olesa, and more. They are still in our thoughts. It’s the same with the other novels we have created. The people inside of them stay with us, and we hope, stay with the reader, too.

Writing isn’t always easy, but the characters inside of our books make it easier. They are what make the story what it is.



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