Harshest Critic

Isn’t it funny how a writer is their own harshest critic? We can write something absolutely beautiful and think it’s garbage, whereas others who read it gush about it, telling us how wonderful the story was and how fluent the writing was. We’ll go back to the story, reading it through again, knowing we could have done better, seeing all the places we should have done something differently.

With each new piece written, whether it’s a short story, poem, or novel, we learn and improve because we know, as the writer, we could do better. We can always do better. We’re always learning and perfecting our craft. I don’t think as a writer, we ever stop learning how to do things differently, how to improve upon ourselves. It’s one of the many things I enjoy about writing.

Remember to be more gentle with yourself. Writing is learning. Reading is learning. It takes time and a whole load of patience.


Be Gentle


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