All Of

As I’m editing Demons and Kings (Book 2 in the Hartland series), I’ve noticed something in my writing, which irritates the holy living hell out of me. It’s two simple words. “All of” Most of the time, they are unneeded and yet, it seems, the book was littered with them, adding to the word count. As far as I can tell, it was all it was doing. I have deleted several of them and the story flows much smoother than it did. I was aware of having problems with the word “that”. It was quite prevalent in Full Moon Rising, but I wasn’t aware of “All of”.

Now that I’m aware of it as I’m writing anything new, I’ll know to make certain “all of” is needed in the sentence. Most likely it won’t be. It will help the editing process later on.

There are my two cents for the evening!


2 thoughts on “All Of

  1. It’s funny how much we do notice about our own writing habits as we edit. Like you, I hate overuse of ‘that’, although sometimes it’s necessary for clarity. My worst habit, which I noticed the very first time I edited ‘Shadow’, was the overuse of exclamation marks. I’m very sparing with them now. I can’t say I’ve ever thought to check for ‘all of’ – but I’ll be looking out for it in future.
    Congratulations on getting ‘Demons and Kings’ published. (I noticed on a later post – or it could have been a tweet). You’ve done really well to write so many books. I’m still happily plodding along with Book 3.

    • Thank you. I have many more books planned. I love to write, but hate to edit. However, I will say with the more I edit, the better my first drafts of other novels are, so there’s a huge benefit. I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with exclamation marks, just commas.

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