Since I’ve started reading again at night, I’ve been dreaming amazing dreams again. I’m uncertain why I had stopped trying to read for an hour before bed, but now that I’m back to doing it, I’ve been sleeping better and dreaming again.

Honestly, I think I got out of the habit of reading before bed after my spinal surgery. I was always so tired for a few months after that and on painkillers, so I wasn’t remembering much of what I was reading. Now that I’m recovered and in very little pain anymore, I love to read and it’s not a struggle to remember things.

For the last two weeks, I’ve had story ideas come out of my dreams. A few romance story options, too. I realize I’m not a romance writer, but with these story lines, I figured why not try again? First though, I need to finish the Hartland series which is why I’m ever so grateful for OneNote. I keep all of my story ideas organized in this program and can add to it whenever I need to or come up with something for it. Without OneNote, I’m sure I would have papers scattered throughout the entire house with story ideas and a general outline of what will happen in it. I don’t like to write to an outline, but sometimes if I think of good story plot ideas, I’ll draw up a quick one, so I don’t forget anything major when I do get around to writing it.

I am so thankful that for whatever reason, I am dreaming wonderful dreams again and a few of them have turned into possible future novels. You just never know where inspiration will come from.

Keep writing. Keep dreaming.


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