Self-Discipline. This is one of the hardest things for us to stick to. There is always something else which seems to need to be done. We make time to write, but then we end up doing something else. We’ve gotten better about this over the last few years. As authors, as any author, the time we make for writing is sacred. Whereas we can’t stop real life things from happening, we have learned things can be postponed for an hour or two, usually.

Lately, it seems our house projects are taking precedence over our writing. It’s not too surprising. There are two reasons for this. One, the weather has finally gotten nice enough to finish some of the projects we didn’t get done last year due to the spinal fusion I had to go in for. I was unable to do many things and my husband ended up having to do everything, work 50+ hours a week and household chores, plus some of the projects we had. I will always be thankful for all the help he gave me during the time I was unable to do anything and during the important months of recovery. There are still things I am not allowed to do yet, not until a year has passed when the fusion should be solid. At least, I can help a little bit. The second reason is we’re trying to get our house ready to sell. We have decided to move, hopefully next year to a warmer climate. With that being said, it seems sometimes we do sacrifice our writing time for this.

We would also like to admit social media has a way of distracting us from our writing. We’ve also gotten better about this, too. When we’re writing, we shut off the Wifi signal for our computers, so if we’re going to go to social media, we have to make a conscious effort to turn the signal back on. This has helped tremendously. It has helped us become more productive.

Just remember to not allow projects and other things to interfere too often with your writing. You made the time to write, so write. It’s something we’re trying to stick to again, despite everything we want to get done. Writing is as important as the other things, if not more. It’s easier for us to attempt to stick to a routine, which is why we’ve moved our projects to doing on just the weekends after we’ve gotten at least one page written.

If you’re not willing to make the sacrifices for writing, you will never write what you want to write or how much. We’ve learned that the hard way over the years. Keep the time you make for writing for writing, even if there are other things you need to do. Those things will get done. They don’t have to get done immediately.


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