Hartland Series Update

I received Hartland 2 back from the beta readers on the 21st of March. However, as I was waiting for their return, I started working on Hartland 3, The Wytch King. I was more than a quarter through it when the beta readers gave back Hartland 2 with some notes of things I could make better. So, instead of working on Hartland 2, I finished the revision of the third book. I finished it last night and am now able to focus entirely on book 2. So far, the revisions for book 2 are going fantastic! The changes being made are great ones.

I have already made it through the first 11 pages of book 2 and am on a good roll. I just wanted to pause to update everyone about where I’m at in the series. I can honestly say I love working on this series. I love the characters and the world. Also, I worked on some plot lines to follow for book 4 and a title!

I’ll let you know when I actually come up with a title for Book 2. For some reason, the title is still eluding me. So far, for the title the only thing I can think of is calling it Of Demons and Kings. We’ll see if the title sticks or if something else pops into my brain at the last minute. Sometimes it does.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I know mine was extremely productive!

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