Finding Time to Write?

This is mostly a rant, so we apologize before we even begin.

We hate it when people say they can’t find time to write, especially when they proceed to watch a couple hours of television or play video games, etc, etc. There’s your time. You are just not willing to make the time to write. You’d rather do something else, that’s okay. We get it. You’re not writers. Writers always MAKE time to write, whether it’s giving up television watching, playing games, a hour or two of something else, even sleep, as we often do.

Writers want to write. The most important thing for us (most days) is to write. We often give up things, usually sleep and a social life. We’re okay with that. We’d rather be writing and creating wonderful new worlds and characters to go into them anyway. That’s our fun time. Yes, it’s still work and yes, it can be aggravating, but for the most part, that’s what we enjoy doing, it’s why we make sacrifices throughout the day to “find” time to write.

Writing becomes just a part of who you are, so those sacrifices we were talking about, are no longer sacrifices. We’d rather be writing than doing those things. For us, we would much rather write all day long than watch any television programming! We gave up watching TV years ago and we don’t miss it one bit. Our time to write is now. When we’re not writing or playing video games as a reward, we’re reading.

Writing is so much more than just “finding time to write”. Writing is a lifestyle choice and you either are willing to make the choices or you’re not.

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