The Protagonist

Last week, we did a short post about the antagonist, the “bad” guy. Yes, bad guys are fun to write, they can do things the writer only dreams of doing and will never do in real life. At least, hopefully.

The protagonist is also fun to write as well. He can be the knight in shining armor you’ve always dreamed about or something else. However, when writing the protagonist, it is important to not make him or her too perfect. A too perfect character gives nothing for the reader to relate to, or sympathize with should something horrible happen to him or her.

For the protagonist, it is important to make them seem as life like as possible. We’re all flawed. It’s called being human. Our characters, good guy or bad guy, should also seem human. Even the most despicable person you can think of has some kind of good quality and the same hold trues for the good guy. The good guy should have some quality that isn’t quite so good.

So, when you’re writing your good guy keep in mind no one wants to read about someone who’s perfect. We, as readers, like some kind of flaw. It helps us connect.


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