Writing for the WRONG Reasons

Here are our thoughts about the reasons to write. You should write the stories you want, not the stories others think you should write. It’s part of staying true to yourself. Once you start writing to what other people, or society, thinks you should be writing, you lose a little part of yourself. You lose the reason you love to write.

We have tried to write romance as it seems to be a popular genre in today’s society and we have failed. The stories never turn out as good as the stories we want to write. In fact, there are several romance stories, we haven’t finished. Why? Simply because it’s not us. It’s not what we like. We’re more of the fantasy and sometimes science fiction writer. It’s what we enjoy. Certainly, we can throw romance elements into these genres though, and we do.

The other reason you shouldn’t write is in the hopes of making lots of money. It’s extremely hard to do. There are so many books out there now, it can be difficult to get yours noticed or even accepted through a traditional publisher. It’s one of the reasons, we continue to write the way we like and offer our books at very reasonable price compared to other indie authors. We’re not in it to make lots of money. Would it be nice to live off of our writing? Of course! We just don’t expect it. We write because we love to write, and there are people out there who absolutely adore our books. From time to time, we even buy our own books and give them out to people freely. We want people to enjoy the story as much as we do.

I think the moment we start writing for the wrong reasons, is the moment we lose who we are. We write because we enjoy to. There are certain aspects of writing, we don’t like. For example, all of the edits each of our stories go through. Sometimes, it’s a little overwhelming, and sometimes, we get tired of reading our own stories over and over. But when it’s all finished, it was well worth the time and effort, especially when readers get back to us and tell us how much they enjoyed our books. That in itself is an awesome reward.

As a writer, we feel it is important to stay true to what and who you are.

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