One of THOSE Days

You’ve probably heard about authors having those days where they think about giving up. Well, today is one of those days for me. I’m working on book 2 in the Hartland series. My first book went live a few days ago and has only sold 1 copy. As I’m sitting here editing, I keep asking myself “is it worth it?”, and getting distracted because of this feeling. I’ve probably been on Facebook a dozen times looking at the same posts, hoping to find inspiration. I also keep looking at my Xbox One and really just wanting to play something, anything to get rid of this feeling. This is, of course, after I cleaned the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

I hate when I get in these moods and I know a lot of authors do. I don’t like this feeling. Most of the time, I write for me. Other times, I don’t. I think today is one of those days where I am not writing for me. The last time this happened, I started writing some short stories off a prompt website. I am thinking I should do this again. It might help motivate me and make me want to write for myself again.

All I know is I won’t give up. I knew going into this would be a long and difficult road. Most days, I think being an indie author is amazing. Sadly, today is one of those days I’m struggling with it. I just have to keep reminding myself, it’s worth it because this is what you love to do.

Writing is a passion for me. I just have to remind myself this was the path I chose to take, the long and difficult road. Keep writing for you. Keep making up wonderful worlds and people to fill them. It’s what you love to do.

Creativity is one of the things that drive mankind!

2 thoughts on “One of THOSE Days

  1. You’ll make it through. Writers are made of tough stuff. Just keep pushing! 🙂 I know you already said stuff along those lines but writers need to support each other! Take care.

    • Thank you! I am currently back at the computer. I’ve only done a half page in an hour, but hey, at least it’s something! 🙂

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