Update for Servants of the Old Gods

We have some exciting news today. The first book in Hartland, Servants of the Old Gods, is available on Amazon in both print and eBook, or at least will be. We just have to wait 3-5 days for the print version to become available and 12 hours for the eBook. However, you can still find the book on Amazon! The link is http://www.amazon.com/Servants-Old-Gods-Hartland-1/dp/1523684151

Feel free to use the link in the next few days to buy your copy. I know there are quite a few out there who are planning to. The print price is $9.00 and the eBook price is just $0.99

The description for the book is as follows:

No one believed demons existed. Everyone considered Hartland safe. They hadn’t seen conflict in over a century.

The Servants have been forgotten by most. The Old Gods remain, despite Their presence fading among the people as a new, false God attempts to take Their place. Despite this betrayal, They use Their Servants to protect the people when they need it the most.

When an ancient evil is reawakened, Mercea Stoneshield, one of the oldest Servants of Hartland, is sent to deal with the enemy once again. As she attempts to discover what has happened, she is forced to deal with wytches and their distasteful magic and demons, all the while trying to discover why King Barend, the man who seems to be behind all of the destruction, wants her taken alive.

Hartland must band together and learn about its forgotten history in order to protect itself. Some of the kings know they must protect their own people from the destruction which had come so easily to their way of life.

The people never knew of the dangers in Hartland. All they knew was the dangers in the hearts of mankind until one day when everything changed.

Cover Hartland 2


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