A Little Writing Confession

Editing can suck. It can also be rewarding. But, here is our confession.

Have you ever read over something so many times, tweaking here and there, for readability, you start becoming sick of reading your own story? Well, that’s what happens with every story we have ever written. We’ve gone over it so many times, we get into the blah mode and it’s extremely hard to keep focused, especially just a short time before a book will be released. (Hartland: Book 1 Servants of the Old Gods will be out later this month.) It’s why we always have someone with a fresh set of eyes look over our work.

When you’ve seen something so often, it’s hard to find those mistakes. Your eyes start to see what they want to see or you accidentally skip over things because you’ve seen it hundreds of times.

Editors are awesome!

I want everyone, writer or no, to keep in mind writing and editing takes a lot of time and effort. So before you start to say, spending $2.99 or less on an ebook is too expensive, just remember if you drink coffee from a specialty store and spend $3.50 on it, you only get to drink it once, whereas if you purchase a book you can read it way more than once, and that said book has probably taken at least a year to make.

Anyway back to editing Hartland one more time before another set of eyes gets to see it again.


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