Little Things

Little things can equal big things.

As we edit our books before we send it off to a beta reader, we discover many little inconsistencies simply because we have forgotten something or became distracted looking at the overall picture. Sometimes our minds are filled with so many ideas, it becomes impossible to remember everything. If we don’t look for these little things, it could turn into a big problem. It makes our entire story inconsistent and undesirable. It’s why most authors go through their work with a fine tooth comb, if you will, and look for these. It’s also why we use beta readers. They help us find things we often miss. Let’s face it, it’s our work and we’re going to be blind to some things. (For anyone reading this and wants to become one of our beta readers, please leave us a comment and we’ll contact you. We’re currently in the market for a few more.)

Little things can lead to big things. I know a minor plot in a few of our books, which didn’t work in the story once it was finished has become a story all on it’s own. Just because something didn’t work out in one story doesn’t mean it is lost. It means, sometimes, it can become something else entirely.

As authors, we try to not take the little things for granted. You just never know what they’ll produce. We also try to take this attitude into life. It’s the little things which matter and make up the big picture. We are most thankful for these “little” things in our writing and in our every day life. Without them, life would be dull.

Keep looking for the little things because you just never know what you might find.


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