Writing is Like Being a Puppeteer

So, a writer does have control over many things, like a puppeteer. The puppeteer has complete control of the puppet, making it do things to his or her will. A writer can be like that too, making all of these characters do things to his or her will. However, what happens when the strings of the puppet become tangled? The puppet starts doing things the puppeteer never dreamed of or wanted the puppet to do. The same goes for writing. Sometimes when a writer is writing a scene, we have this perfect idea of what it’s going to look like and then something happens. The strings become tangled if you will and your characters are doing things you never planned. Now, you have the option of pausing and untangling these so called strings or moving forward and allowing these things to happen while the strings are being untangled. We prefer to do this second thing. We like that in the story the characters are allowed to do things we hadn’t thought of until the scene was there and we were finished with it.

What we’re saying is don’t get caught up in the perfect performance. Don’t go into writing wanting to have exactly what you planned happen. Don’t make it perfect to what your original idea was. Sometimes things happen that are a little bit out of your control, but it’s a good thing. Trust me, as a reader, we know when the author has written to a strict outline. We can feel it, especially if they have sequels. It is one of the things that frustrates me the most as a reader. You have this awesome series, but by book 3, you realize it’s basically the same plot as the first two books, things are happening around the same time they had in the other books, and, well, you just grow bored of the book and the awesome series is no longer so awesome.

Don’t be afraid to let things happen in your writing. Go with it and see where it takes you!


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