Editing Hartland

We are currently editing 3 books in the Hartland series, which we are hoping to get the first novel out by the beginning part of next year. Here is to fingers crossed. The reason we haven’t been too active here for the last few days is because we have been really involved in our story. Hartland pulls in the reader with it’s immersive story told through the point of views of several different people. It’s a new style of writing for us, which took a while to get use to actually writing, but it works for the story, so we had too.

As we edit, we have to giggle about the lack of comma usage in our first drafts or the over usage of some words. These books were written in less than 3 months, so during those 3 months it was basically get the idea of the story out as it flowed and care about the rest later. This is the fastest we have ever written any novel, let alone 3! The first editing of the books is almost done and then we can focus everything on book 1 so we can get it out in print and eBook! It is so exciting to think about.

So, it is back to editing for us! Have a wonderful hump day!


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