An Author’s Written Words

We’ve heard the saying that an author’s written words are their heart’s voice. I like the saying and have to agree with it. We pour our hearts into our work. For many of us, it’s our passion, the reason we were born. For Jeff and I, this is certainly the way it is for us. We can’t imagine not writing ever. There are days we take breaks. Everyone needs a break, but then we’re back to writing. Without meaning to, we come up with new story ideas as well. It’s just who we are. It’s what our hearts want us to be.

As we create characters, or like what we call them. people, we give them life. We make them who they are by our written word coming from our hearts. Without us and our readers, these people wouldn’t exist. We are always thankful to our readers and fans. We love that they love our work and creations, which we have poured our hearts into and countless of hours.

An author’s words, no matter whether they were popular or not, create worlds and people. We breathe life into them with the written word. It is why they say the pen is mightier than the sword.

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