So Long as You Write

A happy author is an author who writes in the genre what they want to write. Some of the people we know have asked us if we plan to write other genres, our response is “I don’t know.” The reason we give this response is because you never know when inspiration will hit you. Both of us have several ideas for books outside our genre of fantasy and science fiction. However, we haven’t written them into books, because it’s not what we want to write. There might come a time it is, but for now it is on a back burner. Every once in a while, we’ll think of something to add to one of the ideas, but that is as far as we’ve gotten.

We are firm believers that authors should write what they want to write and not what others think they should write. At that point, writing becomes more of a chore you absolutely dread. At least when you’re writing something you enjoy writing and reading, it isn’t so forced.  I don’t mind writing outside of my comfort zone occasionally as it does help improve writing, but for the most part we write what we want to write because it matters to us. Even if it doesn’t matter to anyone else, we can rest easy knowing we were true to ourselves. In a world that tries to force individuality away and turn us into clones of one another, this is more important now than ever. Go out there, write what you want, and be who you want, not what everyone thinks you should be. Be true to yourself.


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