Ignore the Haters


I’m sure all writers have dealt with this in their lives. I know we have. One of our biggest discouragements came from someone who should have been one of our biggest encouragers.

Before we were published, my father-in-law told both of us several times that we would never make it. We were told we had no imagination and no one would want to read anything we wrote.

But, we forged ahead anyway. We heard about how difficult it is to break into the writing world, but we tried anyway. We read about how difficult it would be to self-publish, but we did anyway. We saw how many books there are on Amazon that haven’t sold a single copy, simply by selling one of ours and seeing it jump 400,000 spots on the ranking. But we just keep writing.

I think Yoda said it best. “There is no ‘try’. Do or do not.”

I don’t see a gray area when it comes to writers. You either are, or you are not. You give it every ounce of your being, or you end up with blank pages and ‘What ifs’. If you’re a writer, write. If someone telling you how much you won’t accomplish is enough to keep you from doing anything, than you probably shouldn’t be doing that.


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