Working on a New Trilogy

It’s been a while since we’ve made a new post. However, September was a hectic month as Jessica went in for her spinal fusion surgery on the first. It’s taken just about a month for her to start feeling somewhat normal again. Good news is that the horrible pain she was in before her surgery has disappeared and now it’s just the pain of the surgery. No more throbbing back, pulsing up her back and down her legs, sometimes into her toes. For the next 6 months,she has to take it easy so her spine can fuse together without complications.

Anyway, this post is to let everyone know we’re working on a new trilogy as our first trilogy, The Trilogy of the Wolf is finished. At the end of this post I will add links to the books for anyone interested in looking at them.

The Work In Progress name of this new Trilogy is called Hartland. Whereas all 3, yes, we said 3, books are already written, they are still in the early stages. There were a few inconsistencies that had to be fixed as the books were written in less than 3 months. We have already finished the rewrite on book 2 and have moved onto book 3. I see a couple more rewrites in the future, but nothing overly major. We are hoping to get all three of these books released by the early part of next year.

Here’s a little sneak peek:

Over the centuries, the presence of the Old Gods have faded.

A New God attempted to take Their place. Their Servants continue to

Protect what They care for most. The people. They protect them

From things they couldn’t possibly understand.

Things that have long since been forgotten.

Things that few people believed in, until recently.

Despite the betrayal of Their people, the Old Gods

Remain the Guardians of mankind.

Here are those links to the Trilogy of the Wolf we mentioned

Have a fantastic day and a great October!

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