Write an Ending that Fits

Write an ending that fits. Not one that everyone is expecting. Be original. Don’t go for that happily ever after ending all of the time. Not everyone’s ending is happy. Some people’s endings are abrupt. Some drag on for years with no real purpose. Others are only happy for a short time. Stay true to the story and the person.

This is one of the many things that irritates us as a reader. There are some endings in books that don’t quite fit with the story but were written anyway because it was expected. We call this the Hollywood ending. Not every story out there has an ending like this and I would love to see more authors get away from this. Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes people die. Sometimes, they are wounded and must change the way they live their life. Sometimes they don’t get exactly what they wanted.

We’re not saying go all out George R.R. Martin and kill everyone. We know that we’ve killed our fair share of people. It was hard to do so, but we did so because it fit the story and the world. Don’t be afraid to have an ending that upsets what is expected. Full Moon Rising, our first book ever to be published, has such an ending. Everyone we’ve spoken to about the book, they said the ending was unexpected, but they enjoyed that we surprised them. And although it was this way, they were still eager to continue reading the second book, The Curse. The third book, Prophecy’s End, is out now, too. As of yet, we don’t know how the readers will respond to the ending. We hope they’ll enjoy it.

For some authors, as readers, we can expect the ending and when it happens exactly like we expected, not necessarily wanted, we grow bored of them. If there is too much predictability about their writing, it is more than likely, we won’t read more than one or two books of theirs. Especially for authors who like to end their books in almost the exact same way every time. It is so frustrating for us.

We have come to realize a long time ago that we can be picky readers; that we expect too much from authors. Maybe it’s because we’re authors too and have higher expectations of others in our field. Or maybe it’s simply because that’s not the way we would have ended the book. The truth is that there are readers out there that want different things! Don’t be afraid to stray once in a while from the mainstream! Writing is creative! Let the creation be its own! Don’t force it to be something it isn’t. The reader knows.

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