Writing with Music

For us, music has always been an inspiration ranging from classical, jazz, to even heavy metal. We love the different feelings music gives to us and in some cases, love the way it helps us write. Sometimes, as we’re writing a scene and listening to a specific song, I can imagine the scene playing out in my head like a movie. Ipt gives us a rush and before you know, ten pages have passed by.

Some of our best writing is done while listening to music. The type of music we tend to listen to, really depends upon the type of story we’re writing or the scene we’re currently in. One time, we were writing a fight scene and listening to piano. It didn’t work out real well for us. The fight scene was too laid back. It wasn’t the right kind of piano music. We switched over to some Shinedown and Five Finger Death Punch, which helped inspire us further and get back what was lost.

For us, music helps tell the story and even tells its own story. So, whereas we don’t watch a lot of television, we do listen to a wide range of music. It helps put the body at ease, gives our minds something to listen to, and fuels inspiration.

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