An Untold Story

Sometimes its not the easiest endeavor to go about writing a story. I’ve seen it written and heard it said many times that the most important part of a story is the beginning. So, simply starting a story can bring a writer a fair amount of agony.

What I’ve learned about myself is to just give myself time to think. Sometimes I have to put a story idea off to the side for a while. Inspiration can come from some very unlikely places. I know for some people the best thing is to just power through it and come back if and when they think of an awesome way to begin a story.

But the picture below is true. An untold story will sometimes eat at you, begging to be told. Unrealized potential, which is what an untold story is, is a horrible waste. Even if you are only telling the story to yourself, find a way to tell it. Let it be free. Let it live.

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