Trip To LA This Weekend

So, this post has very little to do with writing. This weekend starting on Friday, my husband and I will be going to Los Angeles for the first time to go to the Bethesda E3 Showcase. We won a contest, which gave us two tickets to do so. We’re so excited. We have always wanted to go to E3, and yes, we realize it is not the entire E3 but it might be the closest we ever get. Regardless, we will be spending our 10th anniversary doing something completely new and different and together. There is no better thing than doing something together for the first time. We’ve gotten into a routine that is a little boring, as I’m sure most of us do.

And this is the writing part of the blog. We are trying to finish book 3 in Trilogy of the Wolf so we can have our minds resting a little easier knowing we don’t have things to do at home or trying to take it with us. This vacation is meant as a reset vacation. There will be stress, no doubt, as we are from a small town of only 60,000 going to LA, but we plan on relaxing and enjoying ourselves. We’ve been to big cities before, but we’ve heard horrible things about the L.A. traffic. We only have two more parts to write for Book 3 so here is hoping for a productive week!

Wish us good luck on our journey to somewhere we would have never considered going!!!!!

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